Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ravensburger, What if? Puzzles No 6. 1000s Review, Mind boogling fun

The Easter Holidays have began, I have already put together a 1000 piece puzzle (12+)
Ravensburger are famous for their puzzles, they have all shapes and sizes also for all ages.


The 'What if?' Puzzle range is fairly new, the outer box tells a story of what life actually is... However whats inside the box is the DREAM situation... 'What?'

I was sent What if? Puzzles No 6. Pamela Pampered Pooch Parlour. 

This is the first adults puzzle I have pieced together in years.  When the box arrived, I left it on the table for show.  Within 10 minutes, I had 2 little curious faces asking me it was for them.  

Being wicked I sad no, its all mine!
All of us very attracted to the animation on the box.

As soon as I put them to bed. I opened up this magnificent box.  I began sorting by colours and pattens.  I cleared my table, as this beautiful puzzle is big (70cm x 50cm). While sorting I starting putting together small parts that I could match, the easy parts, faces, words.

I soon noticed whatever was in the box was very different to the picture.
In the morning, my two sons were eager to see what I had been-up.  Neither that interested anymore in helping me.  My eldest (6+) pointed out to me.  Mummy this is huge, I can't help now, I will later.
My youngest was shocked when he saw a Gorilla.  He just couldn't understand that it had no doggies.  He told me the postman gave us the wrong puzzle, he was cross for a while (He is a dog lover) .

I found their tales very musing.  Myself, I enjoyed this puzzle, it was something very different for me to do on a Sunday, very relaxing and fun, it got us talking. 

The puzzle it self is great quality, thick cushioned pieces with its Premium Puzzle; Softclick Technology the pieces lock together nicely.       

I am happy to say once the puzzle started to look more complete, my little helpers returned to help.  We all really enjoyed it.  I did explain to my youngest (4yo) that the puzzle is the correct one but, he is going to have a word with the postman tomorrow.  This will be a funny conversation.   

I had great fun doing this, remember there is no picture of what the actual puzzle. Its a guessing game, guess what the animals are and where they go but, with patience we did it!

What if? Puzzles have a few different puzzles in the range, look out for them.  Buy one, you may enjoy!
Recommended 12+ or younger children with supervisor

This is unsponsored post, I had been sent this puzzle for an honest review.

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