Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quality Munchkin Time

I am fortunate to be able to spend quality with my sons, when I left my job I had no idea how life would pan out.  Moving to Hertfordshire 2 years ago, I still feel like I am finding my feet at times.

But I have time on my hands, I try to be a good mum (whatever that is.) My sons nursery hosted a crafts morning, optional for parents to attend.  I love stuff like this, gives me an insight to what my little man can do and what he is achieving.

The nursery staff are brilliant, so friendly, caring.  They had an array of activity tables ready.
Paints, glue, wiggly eyes all sorts. Me and my little man got stuck in.

We made bunny ears hats, rocking chickens, stenciled printing.  He loves that I go to these mornings, he holds my hand and leads me to each table to make something new. 

Today I found out he could use scissors, he didn't need much guidance, he just got on with the tasks.  I found this surprising as at home he relies on me for most things.  He is becoming more confident in his own skin.  

I left his school feeling all happy, he was smiling away, covering me in kisses, waving good bye, as I left him.  I am watching him grow, its a very satisfying feeling, to watch your child progress.

If its possible, I hope you get to attend your little ones nursery/school, its amazing, children really do behave differently when they are there.  Today has opened my eyes.

I wish I could take some photos, but due to school safety laws I cant.   

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