Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review & Giveaway; Liz Earle Competition

I haven't reviewed a skincare products in ages... So here is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Its definitely a brand I have been lusting after for a while.  I first noticed Liz Earle on QVC years ago.  I do like shopping but have never taken the plunge to use shopping channels.  I maybe missing out.  QVC is a mainstream shopping channel now, selling amazing products, not just cosmetics, also electronics, clothes, jewellery, toys.  I could be missing a trick here, thankfully they're products are being sold online too.

I have managed to get my hands on Liz Earle, let my excitement kick-in and my face therapy begin!

Liz Earle Cleanser is a very thick plant-based cleanser cream, it comes in a pump action bottle. One pump is enough to cover my face.  I massage the cream in small circular movements up and outwards, over my neck and face, this motion helps the bloody circulations.  The cream covers my face in a nice thick layer, its not heavy nor sticky.  The smell is lovely, the eucalyptus comes through, I can feel the cocoa butter rich and creamy and the light plant oils within the dense cream, it feels good on my face. 

The muslin cloth needs hot water, I soaked it in running hot tap water, squeeze out the excess water. The cloth is hot, I polish the cream off my face. I repeat the soaking and wiping/polishing a few times, until all the cream is gone.
The muslin cloth is a tight woven cotton material, great for polishing my skin, sweeping away the daily dirt.  Afterwards my skins feel, plumper, its gleaming clean, fresh.

The hot cloth automatically opens my skins pores, I splash my face with cold wet to close and tighten my pores.  I also used Liz Earle toner and moisturiser as my daily essentials morning and night.

Prior to using Cleanse and Polish my face felt tired, in the winter months I want to hide indoors. Unfortunately I am not gifted with great looking skin.  I get spots, mostly little ones but they leave marks on my face, I have uneven skin tone, fine lines are creeping up on me .  I guess its the aging process, over recent months I have noticed pores appearing on my cheeks and around my nose. Since I been using Cleanse and Polish (2 months).  My skin has lost its lack-lusting greyness, the elasticity it back, my skin feels happy, looks radiant. 

I am very impressed with Cleanse and Polish, if you are a religious with your skincare regime as I am or fancy a boost.  I would recommend giving it a try.

The price tag is not ridiculous either, affordable, in my opinion highly competitive with leading high street brands in the same price region, plus this is a natural product extra bonus no harsh horribles, clogging my pores - Started kit £14.75 for a 100ml with a muslin cloth.  Please note Liz Earle & QVC do offer great discounts, ensure you look out for them.  

To celebrate feeling good, I have a 50ml Liz Earle Cleanser and Polish Muslin cloth RPP £9.25 for one of my lucky readers. 

T&Cs Starts 9/4/14 Please follow the 6 steps. Leave a comment on my blog, follow my blog by subscribing via email, follow me on GFC & tweet about my giveaway and follow me @LondonBirdLucy & @lizearle
For extra daily entries please tweet and/or leave comments on other blog posts.
Open to UK residence only
Winner announced on Friday, 2nd May 2014
Entries must be 18+ to enter.

Liz Earle have a beautiful website, with a host of marvellous cosmetics, I hope you get a chance to explore and indulge. 

Please note this is an unsponsored, its a lovely product, I wanted to share with you.

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