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Chino Latino, London Restaurant; Easter Holidays, Kids Dine for Free Lunch Review

It's the Easter Holidays, Yeah! What do we do?  Where can we take our kids?  The list is endless but no-one wants to be stuck indoors.  I am lover of good food and eating out but the decision becomes harder for me as I have 2 young sons to feed, the school holidays can cost a little fortune. 
Dining in Central London always costs so much more too.  If you are a massive foodie, somewhat a connoisseur of fine dining and you are looking for something special, off  the beaten track perhaps?  Try Chino Latino.  Chino Latino is multi-award winning Pan-Asian South Bank London Restaurant which is located at Park Plaza Riverbank London near Vauxhall Station.

Chino Latino a sophisticated twist on the traditional Pan-Asian style of informal eating and drinking.   The menu reaches out with its delicate flavours from China, South East Asia and modern Japan.  

If you like a drink and fresh juices the food is complemented by a wonderful cocktail menu. 

Yesterday, (Tuesday) Myself and my sons, 4 & 6 went for lunch, to preview the “Kids Eat Free” menu which is currently running during the Easter holidays.

We arrived at the Park Plaza and found the Chino Latino located inside, the restaurant is well lit and the staffed welcomed us with opened arms and showed us to a very large round table, it could easily fit 6 adults.  The table had chopsticks, which both kids decided these would be fun to use as drum sticks.  A lovely lady took our drinks order.  My eldest jumped in and asked for Apple juice.  She explained, Chino Latino offers a range of fresh juices, pineapple, mango, lychee juice and apple if they wish.  Big smiles on my son's faces, as they both loves exotic fruit juices.  One had mango and my youngest had the lychee juice.  I myself has asked for a coke and felt sadly disappointing that I wasn't directed to there award-winning cocktail menu. 

The boys were handed a templates and paper for an Origami Hat making.  My youngest just handed it me to make for him.  It would of been nice if we had some colouring pencils or crayons to decorate them, plus this would of kept them entertained while waiting to order our meals. 

The Restaurant, was not overly busy this lunch time.  A mixture of clientele, Corporate guests and families guests alike.  The atmosphere around us both relaxed and friendly.

Chino Latino’s Easter Kids Go Free offer is available now until 27th April, for kids up to 12 years old, this applies to the Chino Latino Chain in Europe, Leeds, London, Nottingham and Cologne in Germany.
The offer of the free children's meal applies to one full paying adult dining from the La Carte menu, spending at least £30 on food and drink.

Both of my sons chose to eat the Grilled Beef Burgers,with tomato and lettuce.  The burgers are served with the largest slice of beef tomato. The burgers come with a big pot french fries. 

Both my sons said the burgers were huge. I had to leave my seat to the cut my eldest's burger.  They mostly enjoyed the fries, I have to agree the portions sizes were big for little hands to hold, my youngest son refuses to have his burger cut.   

Menus: I tried the Thai Penang curry £13, with crinkled vegetables.  The presentation of the food is clearly beautiful, the flavours delicate and delicious, all ingredients fresh with a hint of spice just how I like it, my dish is served with sticky rice.  It was one of the nicest meals I have eaten in a long time, the green beans were so juicy and fresh, the aroma of the food stayed in my nose. 
The crinkled vegetables crunchy and tasted lovely dipped in my curry sauce.

When we finished our main course, I was offered tea or coffee which I turned-down.  The boys should of had 2 scoops of ice-cream, this was not offered, no desserts had been offered to us.  At this point I did feel the new waitress was not as attentive as the other staff members who had welcomed us on our arrival, she cleared our table and showed no eye contact, no smiles. 


I can only give 3 out of 5 Chillies to Chino Latino.
The food is amazing
Menu is priced very well
Great price for children to dine free with a paying adult
The venue is fairly out of the way
I personally believe the restaurant is not suitable for younger children
I would return without my children and try some of the cocktails.

I had some lovely news yesterday, Chino Latino very kindly replied to me regarding my Blog post.  They have confirmed the restaurant is not really a 'kids restaurant' however during the holiday seasons more children do dine with them and of course they do welcome them with open arms.  Listening to my concerns, crayons will be provided with  Origami Hat making sheet, also the chef will look into portion sizes.  

I am truly delighted to hear back with this great news, to me its a sign of a good business that listens to customers.  I hope to return soon as sample Chino Latino's cocktails.  

This is unsponsor post, as a family we were offered free meals, no-way has this affected my opinion.  All opinions are my own and honest. 

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