Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Woolly & Tig iPad app Review.

Liam recently turned 4 years old, he is fairly familiar with an iPad.  He has started uses the iPad, he likes watching films, cartoons and some interaction apps.

Me and my little guy, have been lucky enough to play (me testing out) the new Woolly and Tig iPad app, which is aimed up to 5 year olds.

Woolly and Tig is a TV Show on Cbeebies.  Woolly is a friendly, fluffy, caring spider who help Tig with today to today obstacles over coming her fears.

At the start of the app Woolly appears and introduces himself. He can do an array of tricks and needs a little assistance from little hands. So your little people can start to interact with him.

Its very sweet, Woolly has a child's voice, he asks the user to tickle him, sweeping their fingers over around him, to make him do somersaults, Woolly jumps while counting, splashes in puddles, all sorts to keep little children interested.

Liam really enjoys these simple tasks.

On the top left corner there is a Woolly button, press for more interactive fun:   

I would not say its an educational app but it shows our little ones some basic daily routine rules, also helps them develop fine motor skills.  This part of the app helps our little people interact with Woolly by helping him complete tasks.  I found the app very interesting, as my son wasn't too keen for me to show him what to do but, he happily took the iPad and interacted with Wooly by himself.

On the rightside there is a list of awards Bronze, Silver and Gold. I can tell by these which ones he enjoys playing the most, getting dressed and wash my face both gold.  Liam isn't aware of the medal system.  I haven't explained it to him as I felt he is a little young to be competitive.  Its just shows he hasn't been uses the others as much, he plays for fun.    

The picture of a house takes you back to home page, Woolly is always there to welcome little people with something new to do.

Top right is an adult button (Needs to be pressed for a while, so little fingers cant access it) this screen will appear.

There is a little daily alarm/timer can be set:
I had set; Getting dressed, Brush my teeth, Wash my face; as an alarm every morning.

In the mornings Liam started using the alarm as a prompt (well, it would wake me-up then I wake him).  Recently we tend to be in a hurry and the iPad becomes a distraction for him in the morning.

All in all its a fun little app (for first time users) Liam enjoys using it.  Great if you can incorporate into to a daily routine but this is not essential to the app to make it enjoyable.  I would like to see the app with a few extras, eating meals and bedtime routine added.

The app can be purchased from iTunes £1.49
both for iPads and iPhones

This is an unsponsored post, I was given the app to use and review. Please note RPP correct as the time of write-up.