Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Shrek the Musical DVD review

Did you like Shrek the movie? Do you like musicals?

Just in cast you are unfamiliar with Shrek, he is grumpy Ogre living alone until one day the King, Lord Farquaad banishes all the fairytale characters from the Kingdom. Lost with knowwhere to go they land on Shreks doorstep, in dark unfriendly swamplands.  Shreks wants a peaceful life and to be left alone, he cuts a deal with Lord Farquaad for everyone to return to the Kingdom. 
In return he will seek and bring Lord Farquaad Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaads' only desire.  On his journey he meets a loud and clown-like donkey, Donkey! They meet Princess Fiona and all is not what it first seems.
I do not wanting to give the story away, so I suggest you watch the show! Haha 

Well I like both, lucky for me, I got to review the DVD 'Shrek The Musical'!

I wish I could of been able to watch the show live, I love a night out at the theater, the bright lights, the silence before the curtains go up, the atmosphere is electric, however its mostly not possible with 2 little ones. 

So from the comfort of my home, lights turned down low, little-ones with popcorn and drinks on the go!  We really enjoyed the show. 17 great new songs not to mention the stunning costumes bright and sparkly, make-up is amazing, everyone transformed, suiting their role. The Orchestra is a perfectionists.     

The performance is flawless, fantastic great booming, clear voices.  Its very different to watch compared to the cartoon movie but, the magic is there. 

My sons adored Shrek, I like his corny sense of humour which shines through, thankfully this flies over their little minds.  Donkey's cheeky behavior is out being as bad as ever, he is funny, with lots of ones liners my sons did get these jokes.  Lots of giggles from them.

The performance is lively, the cast very talented.  If you are fan of Shrek, maybe not even musicals, give it a go, something very different and entertaining.   The storyline is the same as Shrek but to rein-act on the stage, in a musical form, for me this is a job well done, funny and an entertaining performance.

My sons did get restless near the end but would go off, then come back but they are young 3 & 5.  I lent the DVD to a friend, she has a 10 year daughter. They both loved it, her daughter has been singing and trying to copy some of the routines for days afterwards.

This DVD was released December 2013 and on Digital HD from November 2013.  It was filmed in 2010 and is a recording from live Broadway show, it totally captures the magic of a Broadway performance.

Featuring a 17 all-new songs, along with unforgettable characters and outrageous humour, Shrek The Musical is ogre-sized fun for the whole family!  As a bonus feature, it comes with a Shrek the Musical Songbook with 7 Sing-Along song from the musical.  DVD lasts for 130 minutes. Cert: U suitable for all ages. contains very mild language, innuendo and rude humour <<< Funny!

I hope you get a chance to view, would make a lovely gift to for any true Shrek fans! Can be purchased at most major outlet for about £10. I had seen it at £17 thats too much, shop around.

This is an unsponsored, I was given the DVD to review.

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