Friday, 7 March 2014

Raffle Winners #HelpNoahWalk

A few months ago I heard that a little boy, needed help. He needs money for an operation in America.  So I decided to help.  I contacted a lot of companies, hotels, sent a lot of messages and emails looking for potential prizes. I had a lot of none replies but in turn I had some delightful responses.  Even fellow comping friends donated prizes.

I actually thought I would sell all the tickets in a couple of weeks, well I was very wrong it has taken me over 3 months.  I have more then likely annoyed a few followers with my continually tweets but it has been worth every one.

I have had a lot of help from some very lovely people, all tweeting #HelpNoahWalk and raising money as well as awareness. 

I am pleased to say I sold the last raffle ticket today at 3pm, raising £800. None of this would of been possible without all my followers, so I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.  Noah still has away to go. His operation is due in May, fingers crossed the full £80.000 will be raised by then.  I wish him and his lovely parents all the luck in the world.  They are still relying on the good faith of others >> Donations are welcome

Finally I am overjoyed to announce my raffle WINNERS:

1. Noisy Norman - @baybdoll8701
2. Peppa Pig Bingo - @sam83ghs
3. Hallmark Goody Bag - NikitaFrederick/FB
4. An Amazing Puzzle & Game Ravensburger bundle - Sara Jones/FB
5. An Amazing Puzzle & Game Ravensburger bundle - @lemonfancy
6. Complete Bed Bundle from John cotton - @karenl109
7. Now 83 CD - SuziBeaton/FB
8. Sony Headphones - @prettyxcool
9. Mini Kobo Reader - MichelleMurray/FB
10. Box set of Jason Statham DVDs - @chris_woodgate
11. Samsung ES25 Camera - @mclarengurl
12. Josie Gibons 30 Second Slim Workout DVD -@nicolamp
13. Anna Richardsons Summer Body Blitz Diet Book - CatherineWarburton/FB
14. Roald Dahl; Three Tales of Magic and Mischeif (Hard Copy)- @Miamoos_mummy
15. Selection/mix of Beauty products - @LittleMissKJB
16. Bliss Set - @peartsue61
17. Cath Kidston Soap set - @luluhoneybun
18. £50 Rubblesole Voucher - @maximka25
19. Jungle Bunch kids DVD - @FionaWupwoo
20. A pendant, an unique piece of handmade jewellery - ChrisFliss/FB
21. Cute fairy doors - @prettyxcool
22. Body Shop White Musk for men trio gift set - @chris_woodgate
23. SpongeBob Planktons Robotic Revenge Nintendo 3DS game LouiseWong/FB
24. Super Bubble Blowing Machine - @suej1601 
25. A Mens Designer Bracelet from Liora - @janesgrapevine
26. Mito_Q face cream - @luluhoneybun
27. Fake Bake Luxury duo set - @jazza1
28. Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Sets, including Lamp - @Xennia79
29. Kiss/Fake Bake bundle, lashes, nails and Daily Tan - @chrismse1
30. Slimpod - @yogavicky79
31. Slimpod - @lynnmacmum
32. TanAtomical twin set - @bulinachinashop
33. LolliPop Lane Luxury Baby Blanket & Teddy- @tigerfanjane
34. Britney Spears' Believe 30ml & Kylies' Darling 75ml - @flossiecrossie
35. Fifa 2014 PS3 game - @Jo_Bryan

I will contact all the winners; but feel free to message me if you see your name.
The winners details will be forwarded to the person/company providing the prizes. Prizes should be
with the winners within 28 days. 

Please note Noah picked the winners this afternoon using!