Monday, 31 March 2014

Its MAD I'm a Finalist in the Outstanding Contribution for The MADS 2014

MAD Blog Awards 2014 is a massive awards ceremony for Bloggers. This will be its 5th year running.  I am greatly honoured (in shock, flabbergasted and delighted to boot) to be nominated for Outstanding Contribution.

THANK YOU EVERYONE who took the time to nominate me and felt I have contributed to an amazing little boys cause.

I had no idea when I started my blog the actual power it could have.  Being able to spread a message to the world in moments.  I love the stats, how many people have read my blog and where in the world people are reading it.  I like to see every week the figures vary, thats the geek in me. 

Who remembers life before emails? Do you remember the office PIGEON HOLE?  Being an office junior many moons ago, I remember having to print off stacks of memos, filing them in the office Pigeon holes.  Wow, technology has come a long away in a short length of time.  Email was born and the digital data domination stayed and developed to what we have today.

I am overjoyed to be nominated for such an amazing award, their are 9 other bloggers, all amazing writers, they share their passions and dedication for their chosen charities and beliefs to raise awareness for magnificent causes, some have huge amounts of followers while other do not, its a very much mixed group.  We have all be recognised for making a difference and blogging about our experiences.

Thank everyone, who nominated me, I feel very privileged to be chosen, I feel I have been heard.  I have had much fun, met a lot of generous people, compers, bloggers and lovely companies whom all have donated, time, money and goods.

The MADS already have 5 blogs shortlisted the finals for the following categories and 10 blogs shortlisted for Outstanding Contribution:

Blog of the Year
Best Blog Writer
Best Baby Blog
Best Pregnancy Blog
Best Family Travel Blog
Best New Blog
Best Craft Blog
Best Food Blog
Most Innovation Blog
Best Thrifty Blog 
Best School Days Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Best Blog Photography
Best MAD for Family fun
Best Homes & Interiors Blog 
Outstanding Contribution

 Its most votes wins, voting is open until midnight on 24 April 2014. Apart from the Outstanding Contribution which will be decided our lovely judges.  Wish me luck!

If you are wondering why I have been nominated, a little boy, Noah Collins had been born with Cerebral Palsy, he attends my sons school. The school asked if any parents could help raise funds for Noah. His parents need to raise £80K so they will be able to go to America, for an operation that will change Noah's life. Noah's operation is planned for next month, May.  I thought I would put my blog to good use.  My hobby as Comper I have met some lovely people within social media and wanted to help Noah. I arranged an online raffle.  I have tweeted, emailed and phoned companies for donations, then I asked, begged & harassed all my followers on twitter and facebook for more donations.  I used the Social Media sites as a huge charity tool.  This had all been done publicly, I hope its gained Noah some airtime, opened lots of eyes, ears and emptied pockets.

If this is the first you have heard of Noah Collins, he still needs £20K any donation big or small would greatly be appreciated, products, services, hotel nights, everything that can be auctioned or raffled please contact his dad Dave Collins with your donations; otherwise cash donations most welcome #HelpNoahWalk (with Noah's complete story here.)  

Good luck to all the MAD finalists, I am very much looking forward to the evening and meeting lots of amazing people and great bloggers.

Don't be shy, sat hi.

Lucy x