Monday, 31 March 2014

I like mine black, strong and all day long, COFFEE! Carte Noire collection Expresso Review

Getting to know me as a coffee lover, I used to be a huge fan of instant coffee drinking massive mugs all day long.  I would often leave half drunken mugs, mostly in the morning, sometimes only having a couple of sips, always having the good intention of drinking them. I hate wasting food and drinks.  I recently got a Nespresso machine, now I never waste a drop, the Nespresso Machine is so easy to use, taking a few seconds to add water, the capsule and cup (no milk required).  

The luxury of a home Expresso is 2nd to none, however saying that you have to drink a good Expresso to compare it to the High Street Coffee Shops.  I have taken notice there are a lot of capsule/pods coffee drinks in the supermarkets, the coffee aisle is awash with different brands available. 

Carte Noire sent me their Carte Noire Espresso Capsules to sample, music to my ears, well coffee to my taste buds!

I would not say I am coffee connoisseur however I know what I like and I am a fussy girl for the finer delights in life.  

I start my day with cup and at 3pm when I am flagging and need a power injection, coffee tends to be my best friend.  Lucky for us coffee drinkers and Expresso fans a few sips is all any of us actually need.  

Carte Noire a renowned as a top French brand label. Carte Noire had recently launched Carte Noire Collection Expresso. 4 strengths to suit your anyones need and taste.

4 Intensite ESPRESSO

  N°3 Élégant This is a fine, smooth in the mouth and has a subtle taste of cereal notes. An elegant pure Arabica coffee

N°5 Délicat Very silky, slightly richer with a fruity note, this espresso offers all the finesse of an exceptional coffee, pure Arabica

N°7 Aromatique An extremely rich and aromatic smell and taste as a pure Arabica coffee, these delicate hints of cocoa make this perfection for me.

 N°9 Intense Discover an intense, very dramatically rich coffee experience, this is a dark roast of pure Arabica coffee.  Direct, strong no messing Expresso. 

 N°9 Intense is my morning coffee, a great wake-up injection, definitely packing a caffeine punch keeping me going until lunch time.

My love of coffee is to enjoy the roasted aroma, the smell of real coffee beans is pleasure and drinking the N°7 Aromatique hits the spot every time. This is my everyday coffee, very moreish, the taste lingers on my palette, an impeccabile Expresso, highly recommended by me.  


*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of a third party without any link with Mondelez International group. Compatible with all Nespresso®* machines bought before July 1, 2013. After that date, compatible with most Nespresso®* machines bought. For additional information regarding compatibility, please see UK:

Each box of Carte Noire Espresso capsules contain 10 single servings, available in all  supermarkets RRP of £2.79. To find out more about the new Carte Noire Collection Espresso click here

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This is a sponsored for Carte Noire, this is my honest review.   

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