Monday, 24 March 2014

#HelpNoahWalk 20K to go / #Watford #Charity #CerebralPalsy

The past few months have been amazing! Noahs' Charity Fund has boomed via the Tree of Hope  currently its just over £60,000,00, that is mind boggling.  There have been people, young, old and very young getting involved, do gooders, friends, family from all other the country, helping Noah raise money.

Bashing buckets, selling tickets for events, cakes and goods sales, hosting raffles, auctions, all sorts of fundraising to get Noah to American to have his potential life changing operation, so one day soon he might be able to walk.

ONLY £20,000,00 to go! 

If you are a company looking for a noble cause, please don't hesitate empty your pockets or bank account out!!!  Please help sharing the love my local community has in Hertfordshire for Noah!
Dig Deep 

Ways to donate online

You can donate via your phone 

Every donation counts, big, small.  This money will help a little boy walk.

I see Noah most days, he has the biggest smile of his face, he is the same as every other child.  He doesn't let his disability make him different.  But in all honesty he is different, the older he gets the harder it will be for him to move his legs, he may stop smiling.  The operation in America will be life changing, he is due for his operation in May.  So please spare what you can.

There are a few events in the pipeline, if you can donate any type of prize, his parents will gladly have them. Please contact his dad, Dave Collins on Twitter, anything will be greatly received.

If you have any questions, please contact me, his dad or leave a comment.

All my best Lucy