Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Tale of the Wizard's Whisper; Children's book review

I love books, most of all I love to read to my sons.  There is nothing nicer then struggling upto teddy in comfy bed and having mummy reading a bedtime story.  I remember begging my dad every night to read to me bedtime stories! My kids do it to me. 

 I am have reviewed; Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the tale of the Wizard Whispers. 

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks as you could imagine has many wonderful adventures, he is BRAVE Knight, he is not scared of the dark or Ogres, not even Witches. A Wizard sends Sir Charlie on a dangerous quest.  Thankfully Sir Charlie is not alone, he travels with his trusted companions his Cat, Envelope and his good grey mare.  He is not scared and luck seems to follow his path.   

These books have a lovely storyline, so much imagine to capture us as adults and our childrens little minds too.  My sons loved the story, lots of funny things happening too.

The cover slightly embossed, the illustrious throughout so pretty and different from other stories available, beautifully done. Large, bright colours and pictures the capture the store in its entirety and fill the pages.  My little ones enjoy this book, even after I read to them they wanted to look through and marvel at the pictures over and over again.

The book is fairly large but made even bigger as in places, it has 4 Giant poster flaps within, they unfold to unraveling the story.  Definitely something new for me and my sons to enjoy.

Kristina Stephensen, is the author of this delightful book.  She is ever so talented as she has done the illustrations too.  Kristina originally trained as a set and costume designer, she had a very successful career. however after having her own children she wanted to stay at home with them and took to illustrating. Her son Charlie inspired her to write hence her adventure as an author begin!

Paperback RRP £6.99
Hardback RRP £10.99

There are 6 books in total to collect, who can say if there will be more. I do hope so, fab books are hard to come by.
I have seen them sold on online via the publisher Egmont

And for the tech savvy parents and children there also available on the App Store

I hope you get to enjoy

This is an unsponsored post, I have be given a copy of Sir Charlie review and offered my honest opinion.      

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