Friday, 28 June 2013

Phase Eight Holiday Wardrobe

phase eight

Lulu Rose Crush Dress
£110 -

Tope Tunic
£75 -

Lexi Crop Jeans
£28 -

 Annabel Peep Toe Shoes
£30 -

Hilda Pearl Clutch Bag
£34 -

This is my style guide for a sassy nights out on holiday! I want to looks like a pretty senorita; going thought Phase Eights website they are plenty of beautiful clothes, for all occasions. 
I have chosen my theme as holidaying at night. Its my favourite part of my holiday. Warm summer nights catching snapshots of the locals in their environment, excellent traditional foods and exotic drinks.  Having too much fun and not wanting to go home.    

My favourite 5 items; Hope you like as much as I do.

London Bird Collection 

 1) Lulu Rose Crush Dress - Very sexy for summer nights however this is an elegant number, not overly bright but eye catching, hugging all the right places. Very classy and so pretty.  Its a statement piece thats works will for a general night out and special occasions. 

2)  Tope Tunic in pink - I chose this as I love to dance, I could shake my tail feather and look awesome with the flowing raffles, swaying around my body.
I can really picture myself going for a romantic walk on the sandy beach, kicking off my shoes and feeling the sea breeze through my tunic. This tunic would work with short shorts, skinny jeans, crop trousers, mini skirts! 

3) Lexi Crop Jeans - Everyone including me wants their summer tan to glow, white always brings out a tan.  The Lexi Crop Jeans will make any girls pins look long and leggy. These would be a holiday basic for me, everything matches with white, love them. I have to buy a coupe of of them.

4)  Annabel Peep toe shoe is an elegant style, great for summer nights out, these gorgeous shoes are satin with pretty petal detail to the front, petite little heels. So very summery.  

5)  I chose this little clutch as its sparkly, with bold pearls and massive bow. its so girly. It screams glamour.  A lovely bag to round off all the outfits!

This is my entry for Phase Eight Blogger holiday wardrobe competition
If you would like to enter this competition for the chance to win £250 to spend at Phase Eight then click here for more information on how to enter.

If you have any favourite pieces please let me know.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

How does our Garden grow for BritMums #KidsGrowWild Challenge Money


Britmums & Moneysupermarket for put together another exciting competition for us parents and our little people to have some family funtime together and make the most of spending time outside.
Me and my boys do spend a lot of outside, mostly dog walking and with their demands to go the park. However up until recently we did not have much use of our lawn.   

My Old Garden
For almost a year I have had my garden lawn shielded with a massive net going around it, as we have been trying our hardest to get the lawn to grow.  A few weeks ago (for my birthday) the shield finally came down! Yay!!! The lawn does look better, its still patchy in places but definitely an improvement.  My boys bless them have only been used to playing on the paved stones.  So they were delighted to have so much space.

The Money Supermarket challenge #KidsGrowWild Challenge
A lovely kids gardening set arrived
A canvas bag 
a watering can
 fork, spade, gloves
3 packets of seeds:
Polly Panses
Pretty Flower Family 
We had brought 3 Flower Pots and bag of Soil

When I asked would they like to pot some flowers & we could watch them grow, they were amused by the task by fighting over all the goodies sent my Money!

Having two boys they love DIGGING & WATERING 
So potting would be great fun

We put some stones & pebbles in the bottom of the pots for drainage
Added plenty of soil
the boys forked the surface
added the seeds
added an inch of soil on top
the flatted soil with the spade
and watered

I then put the pots in a sunning spot in our garden 
way from our doggy!

We are looking forward to the flowers growing and will leave up-dates

Thanks Britmums & Money Supermarket We had a lot fun 

Now can you make sure the sun makes an appearance
This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge Money 

Friday, 21 June 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

All my life I have mostly been using a traditional cleanser, a cream with cotton wool to clean my face however I had noticed my t-zone had become greyish, the around my nostrils my skin being sensitive and had become red often, my cheeks flaky not to mention spots (but I always have them) 

I'm always interested in using new products. I came across Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser.  
Its a pump bottle
2 pumps will cover my entire face.
The cream is thick, smells pleasant but extremely mild.

I apply to my cheek bones and lift-up my skin and gentle pull outwards.  applying small circles motions around the side my my face, chin and forehead. 

The cleanser comes with a small square muslin cloth.  It is very thin and flimsy, I had managed to lose mine. However I use a giant muslin cloth from Mothercare, its the same but bigger, better quality.

I fill the sink with hot water, soak the muslin cloth for a 20 seconds
I gentle squeeze out the access hot water
rest the hot cloth over my face
The hot damp cloth opens my pores
I keep dipping the muslin cloth in the hot water and wipe away the remaining cleanser.

The texture of the muslin cloth is abrasive against my skin but not harsh.  Using the cloth is ensuring no dirt is clogging my pores.

I rinse my face with warm water and pat dry

I can definitely notice a change in my appearance. I skin appears brighter, my face has not been flaky.  My skin is really breathing and looks healthier and looks clearer, the surface actually feels more even to the touch.  
I still get spots and have spot scaring but its not a miracle in a bottle. 

200ml for £9.95 or 995 boots points

Overall 4/5 Stars

Marking down as the Cloth that come with it could be better

Its a great product, I've had not skin irritation, removes make-up really well and its gentle for my sensitive skin.
This is my product and an unsponsored  post

Thanks reading and come back soon :D  


Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Perfect Festive Look

Gone are the days Festive goers hold hands in a field with a few daisies in their hair.  Wearing flower power, popping tabs, pills and smoking who knows what!  Music is most definitely a drug of choice! However what hasnt changed is our Great British Weather! It maybe sunning but most definitely the heavens will open up at some point, so take an umbrella with you!

My Perfect Festive look

While God is a DJ or our favourite musicians have taken center stage, us ladies want to look our best, while shaking a tail feather in a muddy field with a 300k Speaker quaking our bones!

Come Rain or Shine standing out in a busy crowd is important. This is my desired outfit. I'm unsure if this is the latest trend but I'm not one for following the crowd.   My look is screaming stylish, comfortability, feeling fresh and WEATHER PROOF!

River Island
£14 - River
This is a stunning open back top, great for feeling relax and sexy while dropping some bad ass moves

River Island
£35 - River
These are my peachy shorts, showing case anyone's pins and keeping ones look modest and totally hones, for the Rihanna collection #Lush

Hunter Adjustable Ladies Wellingtons boots 
£85 -
Any festival just would not be right without a pair of fantabulous HUNTER WELLINGS

£31 -
If it does rain I have the prefect brolly :D 

Rock N Rose leaf headband
£28 -
Keeping my look natural, flowers with a hint of fresh, keeping my hair out of my face and mouth! 

Benefit lip gloss
£10 -
 Lips that shimmer 

Westbourne Park Hologram polish Nails Inc
£12 -
Nails that Rock

Blue Retro Boombox Bum Bag With Working Speakers from Fydelity
£29 -
All kept in my Boombox Bum Bag

Being in my mid thirties means I'm a confident girl, I love music and know how to party! Its all about Dancing and socialising at these events. however most importantly I want to be comfortable and look stylist.  

I hope you like too.   

I have put together my festive look for the lovely people at Charles Clinkard, whom would love to know how I would you dress up my Hunter Wellingtons for a Festive season! 

Please note this is an unsponsored post! All my own words 
My entry for the Charles Clinkard competition >> Details here Win a pair of Hunter wellies

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

READ ALL ABOUT IT, Croxley News, My entry for the Late Rooms competition Near & Far

Being a Londoner I was a nervous moving away from my friends and family, all living local to me. Its so much more then changing jobs but to honest I feel its one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
I moved away from Central London early last year. I now live in beautiful surroundings. In a house (not a flat), thats has a garden (massive bonus).  The local schools are excellent.  Most importantly I have a very HAPPY FAMILY!

I recently came across a competition hosted by to write a Travel Blog. Based on the lines of where you are from or where you live.  So I decided to research my local area.  I went for a massive adventure, camera in hand.  I was fairly familiar with some of the area, but pleasantly surprised with the Croxley's history and some hidden treasures.

So please read my entry!


I recently moved away from Central London, a garden of council estates with a crazy maze of tube delays!
I now live in the polite place of Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Croxley is on the boarders of London with easy access from London via the Metropolitan Line.
Croxley is a quiet, carefree and supremely GREEN!

With many places  interest to see, grab a compass, your walking boots and let me tell you about Croxley Green.

Croxley Mill was built in 1830 adjacent to the Grand Union Canal, built by the paper manufacturer John Dickinson. The Paper Mill created work for the local community. Dickinson continued developing the local area, building homes for the workers on Dickinson Square, these houses still remain, beautiful terrace homes. The Mill no longer stands, in its place a new building, Scotsbridge Mill Pub, a Riverside establishment, standing firm & mighty just off the main road. looking over The River Chess.

Scotsbridge Mill
The surrounding location is breathtaking, rolling fields leading all the way up to the Village Green. The people of Croxley are very proud, in 2008 residents acquired successful “village green” status. The Green is under 2 miles long, its one of the longest Greens in South East England. Every year the Revels is hosted there, a traditional event for all the residents having a fun family day out, even a traditional Maypole will be there, local organisations, clubs, societies, schools & businesses unite, with stalls, shows, entertainment and the Carnival procession.

There are a few Grade II listed buildings, one being the Windmill build in 1860, its currently hidden away in Windmill Drive surround by houses & blossom trees. The Windmill has its own residents now looking rather regale, looking down on everyone.

The Windmill
Even older is the famous Great Barn, built by the Abbot John paying a fine sum of 100 marks (about £66) built sometime between 1396 and 1401. The Barn is situated in Croxley Hall Farm its very modest looking, surrounded by a farm house, its grand but fragile. In 2002/3 is was placed on English Heritage ‘Buildings at Risk Register. It needs plenty of work to restore it, im astonished how old it is.
Five minutes away we are on the Grand Union Canal, at Croxley’s lowest point, Croxley Common Moor lays awaiting, 100 acres of wildlife, its very peaceful there, great for walking, running, bird watching.

The Great Barn
Croxley Hall Farm

The Grand Canal is lovely walk, in all weather, ducks, geese and swans can be seen dive bombing The River Chess. An array of Canal boats docking, some staying for the night, also residents live, there’s small boats, long boats, narrow boats & chunky boats, the river people are friendly and occasional funky. Walking, taking in the scenery is delightful, colourful. On route you’ll pass beautiful lock houses all different from the last, a coffee shop and the Aquadrome, the Nature Reserve with Fishing lakes, Wind surfing, Kayaking, always something to do. A place for families and friends to embrace.

The Grand Union Canal

Lock House

The Aquadrome
Kayaking at the Aquadrome
Croxley is not all about nature, there’s Rickmansworth High street, all the local branded shops paraded together, looking modern, small and graceful, not out of place. If you fancy big and busy then a 30 minute bus ride away, will have you in Watford Town Center.

The Coach and Horses
All this talk of walking, I’m thirsty, I’m popping into the Coach & Horses for a cold one. One of the oldest Public houses just off Rickmansworth High Street, the building dates back to the 16th Century. Steeped in history, it has large wooden beams, chunky red bricks & brass panels everywhere. Quiet in the day heaving on weekend.
I’m home in Croxley.

Here are a few more photo's! 

One of the lock houses
Stockers Farm 
House on the Canal
Chess Wier Labyrinth
The Grand Union Canal

Ebury House
Grand union Canal

Well I never won, but the winners are very worthy: Laterooms Near & Far Winners

To be honest it gave me great pleasure writing about Croxley, it such a beautiful village, I even managed to get my boyfriend to join me for my adventure. He grew-up in Rickmansworth and his family all born in Croxley.  Surprisingly he had never seen the Windmill nor the Great Barn before, we had a great day investigating all the sights.  

Whats in your Handbag? Actually whats in my Handbag?

To be honest I have bags for different occasions.  I'm guessing so do most people! Yep! I even mean you... Mister with your MAN Bag!

Money Supermarket are running another excellent competition (details here)
The prize is a Mulberry Bayswater, phone case & purse.  

This is my dream bag, It screams out Sophistication, LOVE MY HANDLES & CURVES, its so me.  Its an elegant bag, all my bags lady possessions would dive bomb inside of it, they would never look back!
I used to put the World in my handbag, purse, keys, phone, books, make-up bag, hairbrush, mirror (sounding vain), a copy of Metro & a few mags, massive tub of Vaseline, handcreams, flyers, walkman, chewing gums, lighter. Not to mention all the bits of paper and receipts floating around.
Then I had KIDS!
Oh my handbag has changed:

I try to carry the essentials, including toys & a spare nappy, underground map and my little moo cards, these are so handy.   

I really like this competition as I'm a nosy parker! I'm sure no-one will find my bag that interesting. However when I were a little girl, 10ish.  I used to take my pet rabbit out to the local park, I carried Rocky, in my first handbag, it was a canvas satchel an old handbag from my older sister.

If you decided to join in, let me know, I'd love to see whats in your handbag! Good luck 

So whats on my bag
Hulk toy £25
Packet of dog treats £3
Mavala Hand Cream £7
Ren Hydra Day Cream £27
packet of tissues 50p
Revlon Mascara £10
 Bourjois Lip liner £3 
Bodyshop lip balm £4
Rodial Glamstick £16
My LED mirror £10
Denman Pink Zebra Hairbrush £8.70
Fendi Sun Glasses £150
Leather & Cord Purse £25
Coin purse £5
Moo Cards £10
Oyster Card £15
Tube map free
Bubble gum free
#SecretSession pass - Priceless
My lucky ducky - £6
Mango Bag £45

Grand total £370 

WOW I'm really shocked
I didn't even add the money in my purse, nor my keys, phone or house key

Its amazing how all the little things add-up. Make-up & creams do cost a far bit!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

SLUMBERDOWN All Seasons 13.5 tog duvet Review... for a sound quality SLEEP all year round & Take a Break COMPETITION

Much to my delighted I have been selected by Slumberdown the bedding company as one of their Panel of mums!  I'm super excited as I will get to test products first hand.  I shall be giving you my thoughts and honest options.
First a little history lesson, incase you are not familiar with them. Slumberdown our big in the British bedding industry, they have been manufacturing & selling high quality bedding, pillows, duvets and mattress protectors for over 40 years, since 1970 to be exact.
They are now part of The John Cotton Group, whom our a well established business that goes back as far as 1916, The John Cotton Group are the leading manufacturers in Europe, two massive pioneers within the industry, both striving for excellence.
Slumberdown focus on all aspects of performance, from quality, comfort and just as importantly the affordability of their products. They have an assortment of ranges.  Ultrabounce, Anti Allergy, All Seasons.
This is very exciting for me as I'm someone who appreciates a good nights sleep.  However my boyfriend would love a decent nights rest, he sleeps badly. Its either our sons getting in our bed at a silly o'clock or me waking him up. Plus he has to get super early to go to work. Sleep is very important to him, he complains of never having a good nights sleep.

The very kind people at Slumberdown sent me the All Season Double Duvet. Its filled with 100% Hollowfibre, its soft, feels bouncing to the touch. The duvet comes in two parts a 4.5 tog (light, thin = Summer) & 9 tog (much thicker, light too = Spring) each duvet part has large poppet buttons in the corners (together 13.5 =Winter). So the two duvets can be buttoned together.
4.5 Tog Duvet
9 Tog Duvet

My first impressions:
Love the idea of popper buttons
Not so keen on Hollowfibre, I found the 4.5 tog looked very thin

Duvet popped together 13.5 Tog Duvet

Its amazing how many homes only have one duvet all year round, I also found out a few friends & family members keep extra blankets and add them to their beds during the winter months.

Currently I own an all weathers feathered Duck down duvet set. It came with elasticated corners and comes loose within the duvet cover. I stopped using the lighter tog a long time ago (its more of a spare duvet now), I cut off the elasticated corners from it as I believe them to be dangerous for my kid's and dog getting caught around their necks.  This IS NOT a Slumberdown duvet product. 

Putting my new All Seasons to the test: The last few nights we have had warmer weather, so we have been using the lighter 4.5 tog duvet only. It's very light and thin, not puffy but comfortable and surprising warm.  I like that I did not have to kick my feet out of bed to keep me cool. I felt I slept normally.  Its been great for my boyfriend, he actually slept better, he said he did feel so hot nor did I, apparently I burn right up when I'm sleeping (I had no idea) so he was giving me extra cuddles (nice) because I wasn't making him uncomfortable hot.

I really like the style of the Slumberdown duvet as the poppers keep the two duvets together. Most importantly my boyfriend seems more rested. After a week of sleeping with the Duvet. I'm really pleased. This will remain on my bed, until Winter time, then I will double them up.  

Currently Slumberdown has a huge ranged stocked in Argos - SLUMBERDOWN 
Depending of the size the retail price starts from £24.99, Argos are hosting a special on bedding, buy one get one half price. 

Please note all details correct at the time wrote, they are subject to change by retailers.  

4.5 Tog fitted my bed very well! Ted likes it too 

Take a Break Magazine our currently hosting a BEDTASTIC COMPETITION to win 20 SLUMBERDOWN ALL SEASONS 13.5 Tog Duvet sets! Competition ends 10th June.

 Please note these are my honest options, I have not been paid for this post but given a product to write about. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

CillitBang Competition! Guess what TURBO POWERED vehicle Barry is in? #CillitBang


I think we can all remember that catchy phrase... 

Last year Barry Returned in a powered fighter Jet... Well, be warned he is COMING BACK!!! 



Twitter Competition  / Simples... 

1. Retweet my competition tweet  **RETWEET THIS**

2. Tag me @LondonBirdLucy 

3. Use Hashtag #CillitBang 

4. Give me your answer - Guess a Vehicle

5. Make sure you follow me on Twitter - if you win I can DM you

You can guess as much as you like!!! 

So guess as many times as you like



 Barry's Back & You Can #Win A #CillitBang Cleaning Kit

Is it a BIRD or a PLANE? No, its Barry Scott our trusted #CillitBang man! What do you think Barry Scott's brand new turbo powered vehicle in the new Cillit Bang TV adverts for 2013 will be?
Let me know if you manage to watch the new advert
 HINT: look out for it on prime TV on Tuesday 9.15 June 11th.
Barry’s turbo powered vehicle of choice is top secret until the advert airs but I want to know what you think it is this year? 

One lucky winner will be drawn at random (it's not 1st to guess) on June 12th after the answer has been revealed and the adverts has been aired. Closing time midnight - 10th June 2013 - no entries will be counted after that date. Open to the UK only.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lumie Clear, Acne light treatment, Review Part one... Who wantes clear skin?

I'm am very fortunate to be testing the Lumia Clear.
Whats that? 
This is a small light unit, it kills bacteria (mostly the cause of acne) Reduces inflammation and heals the skin.
In clinical trials, over 12 weeks of daily use, the light treatment has improved the users overall skin by 76% less inflamed and 58% clearer skin. (Br J Dermatol 2000 May)

I personal do not have acne but  in general I have very bad skin. I get spots all over my face, I have very sensitive skin too, my cheeks and the area around my nose tends to be red, my blemish easily. I have a lot of spot scaring.

For my quest for a newer improved me.  I shall be putting the Lumie Clear to the test.  It would be nice for once in my life to have clear looking skin.   As I'm getting older it seems to be getting worst not better.  

The Lumia Clear has two coloured light beams.  A red light, which is anti-inflammatory also a blue light anti-bacterial, using the combination of red & blue 45 small LED lights, the light therapy studies have shown this as a safe and effective treatment for acne. 

The top can easily detach from the base. Depending where you want it to work and how far from the skin you use it, determines how long it can be use.

Distance - Recommended Treatment time
Skin Contact - 15min/day
10cm/4in - 30min/day
20cm/8in - 60min/day
30cm/12in - 120min/day

I am using it directly on my skin, so it can only be used for 15 minutes. There is a built in 15 minute safely timer, it switches off the device. If you require a longer time just turn it on again Now this is the first time Im using the Lumie Clear. It feels warm against my cheek but nothing more. Im having to use it in sections to be able to completely covering all the affected areas. All together to cover my chin & cheeks ares it takes an hour, daily.
So please bear with me, I will show you results weekly.

Please note I have been given the Lumie Clear to test.