Sunday, 28 April 2013

LEGOLAND Hotel (Review) Windsor, UK

How lucky have I been?  I recently took my family to Legoland Windsor.  I had a glorious 2 night break, bed & breakfast with 2 days access to the Park!

I've been to the park a couple of time, but this was the first time I got to experiencing the full package.

We arrived  to a great sight! The outside of the hotel looks like Lego Castle with a Dragon looking out of the clock tower to welcome everyone on their arrival.  

My kids went berserk in the lobby, running about like two lunatics, shouting mummy, mummy, MUM! LOOK, LOOK... No-one raised an eyebrow. I could tell this was going to be great fun from the get-go! The lobby had stacks of lego, a huge lego pit to boot and loads of Lego figures on display.  Also at the end of Reception there is a shop, with an array of lego collections and snacks 

The Receptionist gave us a warm welcome, explained everything, on check-in, Dinner, Breakfast times, pool times - Yes they have a SWIMMING POOL too.

We have an Adventure themed room, bunk beds for the boy, with an extra sliding bed (if we had a 3rd child) a TV built into their wall, all open plan,only a door for privacy to the toilet/bathroom.  My bedroom had a double bed, TV, desk & chair, hairdryer, a little coffee table disguised as a  create, an arm chair.  We had kettle, cups, tea, coffee, hot chocolate. 2 little packets of lego, which was a lovely touch. Our rooms faced the the main entrance. I'm guessing the The Kingdom & Pirate rooms more expensive would have views of Legoland

Our bathroom, loved it, it had a double toilet seat, for big and little bums. The room didn't have loads of little nik-naks in it, being a child friendly place I felt that was a good idea, I felt really comfortable.  My boys loved their bedroom, testing their beds, they have good springs those beds, actually and so comfy! They had a massive box of lego, they spread the pieces everywhere! 
The room where fantastic, spacious, comfortable, clean and considering this is a resort full of kids our rooms was fairly quiet. Our bed were firm, the bedding just right. Also a thermostat to adjust heating was there. There was a safe too however it is recommended to leave valuables in the hotels safe at reception. everything you would expect at a 5 Star hotel was there!

Wifi Charges: £5 for 8 hours 

After we checked-in we decided to have dinner in-house; we dined in Bricks Restaurant, we didn't have a booking, lucky to get a table as the restaurant was heaving 10 minutes of us sitting down.  

Bricks is a Buffet set-up restaurant; has a fine selection of salads, hot plate meals for the kiddies; mini pizzas, toad in the hole, sweetcorn, fries. Adults a great choice, vegetarian meals, stuffed bell peppers an a vegetable. A lovely roast dinner can be had, served carvery style with all the timmings, roast tatties, yorkshire puds, veggies, also a meat curry, chips, rice, gravy, beans. Desserts, fruit, cheese & biscuits, little chocolate cakes & profiteroles.  Unlimited kids, juices, water and fizzy drinks, teas & coffee. Its a buffet you can go up as many times as you like. 
I found the experience a little nerving at first, James & Liam decided to running around the restaurant so excited but, once settled my boys seems happy and took in all the fabulous displays.  
Our table clothe was a giant colouring paper, with a Large Lego Chef holding crayons and condiments on every table.  We all enjoyed our food, it was fresh and hot, the restaurant was spotless and the waiters & waitresses give impeccable service, always a smile on their faces, I couldn't fault anything.  The deco brilliant, fresh and modern looking, above some of the table lights illuminated & changed colours too, very groovy.  

£19 per adult & £7 per child. Worth every penny

Breakfast is included in the room charge and just as delightful as dinner;  
Continental breakfast; fruit, fruit salads, breads, cheeses, hams, every type of cereal and of course all the milks!
Full English; again all types of cooked eggs, beans, sausages, hash browns
Breads; rolls, toast, the offered the works including  spreads & jams
Not to mention, PANCAKES & WAFFLES all my boys, big & small were smiling from ear to ears! You could as much or as little, I'm sure James had 3 helpings of pancakes! His FAVE! 
Tea, herbal & coffee available too! A prefect start to our busy day.

Just beyond the the entrance to Brick stands in full glory a Castle! Where our little ones did plenty of running around, playing tag and having eminence fun.  Mums & Dads could take this opportunity to have a relax and grab a couple of cold beverage, from the Skyline bar. Its got very busy in the evenings, I recommend send hubby/other half for the drinks the queue does get long!  I had a a couple of wines, while the boys enjoyed singing and dancing with the evenings entertainment, there are two performances at 6.30pm & 8pm.  The Stars; George the Dragon and Pink Lego brick lady, with lots of help from the presents.  Its definitely a party every night! My boys were 2 & 4 when we went and are still talking about it, desperately wanting to go back.  

A few Facts for guest: 

Check in/check out:
The earliest check in time is 3pm, and the latest check out time is 10am.
Parking: Overnight parking is available and is free of charge.

Room Facilities:

  • Fantastic children's sleeping area with own TV
  • Telephone
  • Hairdryer
  • TV
  • Movies on demand (charge applies)
  • High speed Wifi (charge applies) 
We had a two night package, which was buy one night and get a 2nd free with passes for 2 days included. Bed & breakfast included. £530 for 2 adults and one child as Liam was under 3 at the time he went free!

Its definitely made Legoland more enjoyable staying at the Hotel. We could easily go to all the rides at our own leisure, with the returning to the Hotel for rests and food breaks!

There is something for everyone, and kids of all kids will have a great time.

Heres a few more pics of my gang! 

Enjoy! Thanks for looking!
I recommend having a look at their website for the most update to deals. They do offer special deals through the year and usual have fun lego projects running.

If you want to host a kid party this would also a great place to have it, Legoland offer a selection of parties availability hosted in Bricks with tickets for the park included. Recommend to contact them for rates.

This is an unsponsored - Just wanted to share the great time I had!
PS: I have worked in the hotel/leisure industry most of my life.  Its a fantastic place all round - Highly Recommended! #FACT

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bullying! My Memories

This is sore subject and close to my heart!

An old school friend, recently posted a photo of our primary school class on Facebook and tagged me.

It was very funny to see myself aged 5/6 with all my class 'buddies'  It made me think back to the good old days...

Well they weren't that great nor good.  I remember making friends then a few days later, the kids not wanting to talk, play with me.  I spent a lot of time alone in the play ground.  I'm not even sure why the other kids didnt like me.

It could of been a few reasons;

1) I didn't have a school uniform
2) My mum is Bolivian and my Dad is English, his father is Polish hence my name.  My mum has dark skin and those days her spoken English was not great
3) I think I wet myself once in the playground
4) My parents were divorced

All factors to make a child STAND OUT as being different!

I remember a little girl in my class telling me I was dirty. I sat in the bath that night and scrubbed my skin with the nail brush.  I couldn't get clean.  I did tell my mum I'm cleaning myself, (I've no idea how she felt) I even resented her, it was her fault I wasn't like everyone else. I wanted to be like the other popular kids. (She did speak to the Head in my school)

I cant really explain it more then that, I kept a low profile and made friends with other kids who didn't quite fit in, we would be a bunch of rejects, we could relate to each other but didn't want to stick together as not wanting to be targeted!  The smellies, the dirties, the rejects, mostly we had different colour of skin, not fashionable clothes, poorer and spoke other languages.  In honestly I got off lightly where were other kids who got bullied lot more then I did.

When I started secondary school a lot of kids from little school went to different schools. As I got older and made new friends, actual real friends.  Sometimes I would get involved in petty arguments and even had a few fights but I never felt awful and hatred to myself.

As I got older in to my teens, I became fairly popular. I spent a lot of time with friends and out in the park, hanging out. I would cross palms with the bullying kids, whom would now be sweetly nice to me, like the past never happened. I could tell some of them may of had a not so great up bringing. Maybe picking on others would make them feel superior. Who can say?

The years have rolled by now, its been more then 30 years since I left primary school and until the other day I had blocked how much I hated primary school 4-11 was a hell for me.  Time definitely is a great healer. 

From time to time I have seen some of the people I went to primary school with, we say hello and have polite conversation.  Mostly, they seem to have grown-up and not appear to be narrowed minded.  (But how narrowed minded is a 5-11 year old?)
People do and can change.  In my very early teens, I do recall one person apologising. Which in all fairness made me feel on top of the World. 

What I'm saying, these memories do, can stay with you forever and having skin like a Rhino helps too.  In the long run it will get easier. But tell family/friends if you our experiencing problems, they will and can help you.

Also, lets not be naive kids at 5/6 can be horrible to other kids.  They may not realise their actions or the affects its having at the time but kids can be cruel just the same as adults.

I now have two little boys. My oldest is in reception. I have asked him who is his least 'favourite friend' is. There is a kid whom seems fussy, also another kid that pushes him. I told him how hard life  must be hard for this fussy & tough kids? I have asked my son to be nice to these kids, if/when the tough kid hurts him, speak-up tell the teacher.  I have now found out the tough kid is tough rather then actually meaning to hurt his the other kids.  I've actually seen them all playing, laughing and chasing each other. Being happy, that's how 5 year old's should be.

I try to keep an eye on my sons from a distance, not to become the bully nor be bullied!

On the whole, I've always stood up for myself and what I believe in.  I am a well grounded, strong willed and speak my mind!
Mostly 'Gobby' my boyfriend would say, thats the West London in me. Yep! He's right

People are people, they come from all walks of life, some we like some we don't, no one is prefect! Mostly everyone wants to get on with each other.  There will always be people thinking they are better then everyone else. Its part of life! 

There's plenty of online help these would be the main Support companies: Bullying

These organisation have people that can help; offer support:
Speak to a counsellor free, any times.


Its a while!
Yes I am here, alive and kicking but I have been so LAZY!
With any type of diet & exercise!

Half term had been totally dedicated to my little ones and a side helping of Comping of course!  I went to 4 kids parties and a hosted a party. I don't remember my parents taking me so many. Bearing in mind the class room sizes have doubles in 30 years, I suppose that makes sense!

But I have been missing my regular exercise routine, ever since doing the Jenny Craig it has really affected my diet in a detrimental way. It took me way off course, instead of enhancing my diet it crush it!

Well my mission is to now correct myself, I want to join my local gym and get fit before my flabby tummy hides my feet!

I love the rush of running!!! I NEED TO DO THIS :D

As for my Blog! I've actually missed writing so I intend to write, write, write! I hopefully bore everyone to death... Ha ha

Its terrible I keep seeing things, I think to myself I want to write about that, its gets logged in my brain as that would make a great read, never to be seen again.

Apart from these little glitches in my life, I'm happy and have a happy family! 

See you very soon x