Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jenny Craig Up dated & Ended

I've been on JC for 8 days.  If I said it's easy I'd be lying.  The meals do fill me up and they have been broken down in a way just as you get hungry its meal time again.

But its the range; I am properly missing my fatty & starchy foods also missing eating with my family.  Cooking dinner for my family made me notice the difference. The food we we're eating and the joy get from cooking our meals. I don't feed them junk i.e processed foods but we have healthy variety and a little junk food every now & then.  But we definitely don't eat enough salads. However saying that they are all super slim and eats stacks of fruit.

Its about eating the healthy options.  So I took the decision  to knock this, Jenny Craig on the head.  It looks as if the Shakes, pre-made diet meals are not for me.  Jenny Craig is a great organisation and the care about the clients but I love my home cooked grub.

This week I did lose 4lbs with. Its a good result.

But I have taken something from this experience.  I have reduced my starch intake, mostly no bread for breakfast & less or none for lunch.  Muesli & Fruit is my new friend at breakfast friend.  Followed by soup for lunch with a slice of plain brown bread.  Dinner is broken also, half the plate full of salad and or veggies, a quarter with starch & a other quarter pulses.  This is a balanced diet

So my battle of the bulge goes on! I'm being realistic now.  The Gym is calling :D I just have to sign up! Watch this space.

I should mention, after JC I treated me & my boyfriend to a mahoosive curry. We ate the leftovers for our lunch the following day. Poor man wasn't on a diet but had been on best behaviour. NB:  It tasted so good!

*** Now this post is fairly late ***

I've been in a state of I couldn't care less. Half term was a blare, I had to arrange my sons birthday party, to keep costs down I had a small party at home. But I have been busy, busy, busy! 

My boys started back to school on Monday so all back to normal! However I'm missing the long cuddles in the morning and lie-ins.

Now with I have been slacking on my diet but I promise to get back on track! I just had 2 weeks off of total misbehaving, after all I am only human.