Thursday, 31 January 2013

ENGRAVED GIFTS Giftsonline4u Review

As most of you know, I'm a little choosing when it comes to reviews. So, I was very lucky to be asked to review a beautiful gift from a lovely online company Like most Gift Companies they have a superb range of gifts for all occasions, great for shopping!

They have a huge selections of fine presents for both Guys & Girls alike, catering for birthdays, weddings, births, hen parties, Anniversary's all occasions. Also unique gifts, for keen football fans having their name engraved on a gorgeous shiny silver tanker also an array of glass ware for that special anniversary these can all be engraved too. Engraved gifts

The majority of their gifts on offer are for keepsake rather then disposals gifts.  I personal prefer a present that will last and I know that I will have it forever, most importantly it been carefully chosen.
They're website is easy to navigate with quick searches keys. Price, gift for occasions, engraved gifts, gifts for people just to name a couple. sent me a beautiful compact mirror. I was absolutely delighted when it arrived.  It is well packaged to ensure it's safe delivery, the item doesn't appear fragile but it having mirrors the last thing anyone would want is for it to be damaged in anyway.  The box is fairly standard looking and then when I revealed the compact mirror, I was just blown away. Stunning is the word that spring to mind.

It reminded me of an Oysters shell, with pretty coloured Austrian crystals as its decoration. The outer casting is silver plated. Its very well made. The Engraved Compact mirror, has a nice sturdy feel to it, feeling strong and weighty, there are 2 mirrors, normal and a magnified mirror to see everything.  Then the Piece de resistance when its flipped over there was a blank stop, this is where you can have a special message engraved! It can take upto 60 characters spread over 4-5 lines. Engraved compact mirrors

Such a beautiful gift, have plenty of variety of colours with different styles.  I do recommend these very pretty gifts. There are many to choose from, definitely eye catches and a wonderful keepsake gift.

As I look ahead every month of my calendar is full of special events. February is a busy month in general. My son is lucky his birthday is on Valentines day. This day is a very special day for me and his daddy.  If you fancy treat someone special in your life with a token gift which will last, maybe go for an engraved gift as its definitely an original choice.

Also have a huge range for different budgets, there is something for everyone.  I hope you have a look at their fabulous site, treat a friend, someone very special or even yourself. Valentines Day is just around the corner you may found just what you are looking! Also as an added bonus free delivery to the UK!

Currently for all you Manchester United Fans there is a discount >>> Manchester United Football Gifts 25% off Just use Code: MAN25

Please note I have not been paid for this review, these are my own words!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jenny Craig has landed

Just after New Years I was lucky enough to win a 28 day trial for Jenny Craig.  Its come just at the right time.  I'm hoping this will kick start my diet!

Saying that I have been very good. Watching what I eat, exercising more. However JC takes the pain out of calorie counting, weighing foods all that fuss, also training myself to eat smaller portions.

I got a lovely call from Tom, asking me my height, weight if I'm allergic to any foods.  I also told him I'm a fussy chops.  They do care and deal with different dietary requirements all the time, so they have to know all the details to get orders spot on.

The following day two rather large boxes arrived.  Both with all my meals for the next 28 days. An envelope had a calendar of my daily meals plan.  I have to admit my first sight of my meals I wasn't over joyed by the appearance of the packs of food.  The packaging is top of the range, looks pleasant and not over the top but I felt more surprised by the lack of food, small portions.  This is when it hit home, what am I getting myself into.  But I'm looking at the bright side I want to stick to it and see the 1lbs fall off.  If Mel B, Scary Spice can do it, so can I.

A slim me on the phone at work!
Tom also booked a telephone appointment with customer services, a lovely lady, Miranda. She called to ensure everything had arrived, talked me through the system, the meal plan and wish me well.  It was a really nice way to start my challenge, I mean diet. Also giving me reassurance about the entire program and I know if I need advice someone is there.  I'm to eat everything on the list and its very important not to mix up my meals from different days as each day is calculate to 1500 calories.  I can swap the entire day, Monday for Thursday but is has to be the whole day.

As I plan to get started on Monday, 28th Jan. Miranda confirmed she will contact me next week, Tuesday the 5th Feb.  My goal for this week is too eat my plan, sounds easy doesn't it! But just the plan and not ANYTHING ELSE!!! (Off to lock the fridge & Sweet cupboard)

Well its Tuesday, evening. I've been on the plan for a whole 2 days, Wooowooowoo!  I'm pleased to say so far its going well. The meals have been broken into 6 meals per days, with Lunch and Dinner being a fairly decent size, I'm adding vegetable and salad were asked, I also get to enjoy snacks with a JC treat, having it when then kids get home and we all have a treat at the same time.  At no time have I felt overly hungry.  I have been craving all the foods I'm not suppose to eat but I'm only human and this is just the start.  I'm like a horse wearing damn blinkers!

It's only 28 DAYS WOMAN!!! I keep telling myself  :)

I shall keep you posted with my progress with more updates about JC!

Wish me luck

Luc x x

And please do say hi, leave a comment. I don't bite, well unless feeling hungry!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jumpin Jaffa

A few months a go a managed to get my hands on #JumpinJaffa  Space-hopper the shape of a Orange! The project has been set-up by Jaffa. I saw on their Twitter feed they had a limited number of Space-hoppers available, only 250 for a competition they are hosting. So I jumper at the chance. >>> Excuse the Pun!

The object to jump on the Space-hopper for at least 25 seconds, up-load to You Tube and and send them the link on Twitter @Jaffafruit with #JumpinJaffa.  Prizes: 1st prize £1000 with 2 runners-up getting £250, NICE!

However me being me, I wanted to do something original, time was running out.  Its also a little harder to do things with my boys in toe, everything takes that little longer.

So when it snowed! I thought perfect! Boys in school, I'm gong to bounce down a hill!

Anyway! My gorgeous pooch had his own plans!

Check out the video I submitted! Its the first one I've edited and cut a bit off of me swearing! 

It made me cry with laughter! I hope you have a laugh at my expense! 

I doubt I'll win but its the taking part! :)

Enjoy All!

Week 2 /3 not so good, not so bad

Last week I felt like I've failed! 

I did weigh myself last week and put on a 1lb.  It's my own fault eating pizza didnt help, even if its stacked high in veggies and was a thin crust. >>> It didn't count as put of my 5 a day thats a shambles! lol   

I'm also finding old naughty habits hard to break free from. My boyfriend walks around with packets of biscuits strapped to belt like John Wayne, he keeps offering me them.... and then my boys demanding chocolate & crisps.  So I feel like a horse with blinkers on at the moment.

But I have been feeling guilty and I want to lose weight: So it hasn't all been bad.  I have lost 3 lbs this week. So its a little success, it has me smiling.

I have been eating more soups all home-made.
Less bread , only eating brown, granary, with seeds, it actually tastes nicer then the white bleached stuff!
Eating smaller potions, I'm feeling fuller faster.

I put my exercise bike together and had a couple of sessions on it.  Its been going well but I tend to get a saddler sore, aka sore ass! lol

Walking loads and enjoying the snowy weather!

I've even managed a few Zumba workout sessions from head to toe in my Hotpants gear, working up a sweat.

I've just been taken baby steps rather the bashing myself in to my new regime.

Hope you lovelies are sticking to your resolutions!  Having a relapse is fine too just keep trying and going in the right direction, that's what I keep telling myself! 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I felt, like me again, not mummy, just me.

I feel over the last few years, I have tried my hardest to be a good a mum.  I do everything with my sons, take them everywhere with me.  On the occasional night out with the girls I worry about the boys and can be found calling them.  What I'm trying to say is I'm with my family 247.

Today was a massive milestone, my youngest started nursery, Bubs is my shadow.  I left him at the nursery he didn't cry nor call back for me.  I felt satisfied he'd be fine.  When his big brother started nursery he cried he was fine going to school, dry eyes all round.  I felt fine because me and Bubs had each other.

As nursery is a big thing for the little guy, Daddy took the day off work and we both saw him off.  We had our dog and took him for a massive walk along the River Chest afterwards, just the of us.  We held hands and spoke about what we want in the future.  It felt so strange not to have either of the boys with us.  I felt very relaxed for the first time in ages. I felt, like me again, not mummy, just me.

I'm looking forward to having quality me time.  I'm going to appreciate these couple of of free hours and want to use them wisely.  Sod the house work! lol

We made a friend, going to take him some apples tomorrow.


Week ONE done!!!

I'm over the moon today! Week one 5lbs off! 

YAY! Dancing around with joy! 

I've been really bad too, I haven't been counting calories however, I have reduced my potion sizes and eating healthy foods.  

I will start monitoring calories, I'm desperate to use my Weight Watchers Pro Points calculator to gage points/calories but I've forgotten how to program it.  I'm waiting for WW to email me the details. So its not the end of the World and I'm patient. 

My cough is starting to clear up, not so chesty.  Planning to start exercising next week, I have been walking getting the heart pumping a little bit.

Also on the up.  I entered a competition on the Jenny Craig Blog Little Black Dress, I came 3rd.  As a runner up, I won a 28 day trial with them.  This will definitely help kick start my diet/weight loss.  I'm interested to see what I'll be eating as I'm a fussy eater, no meat nor fish! 

I'm really looking forward to bogging about this. 

Hope all is well 

Lucy x 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Resolutions are HARD to stick too

Okay its hasn't even been a week since I started my new years resolutions.  I'm thinking of sweet sticky donuts, biscuits and juicy beef burgers.  Ha ha its not really that bad, but the temptation is here, in my cupboards teasing me.

Honestly, I haven't been monitoring my calorie intake but, I have been eating healthy. I've been eating salads for lunch and making home made soups. But slightly slipping up as having a meaty dinner.

I have been trying to reduce my bread intake too. Which I'm finding really difficult, as the rest of my family tend to eat loads of the stuff and I love it.    

As for exercise, I have done nothing and feeling very guilty about the fact however, I'm on antibiotics as I've bronchitis but my chest seems clearer I'm not coughing half as much I still have 4 days to finish the course of tablets.    

On the plus side I got myself some gorgeous new trainers and new gym kit and lots of lovely Hotpants gear to wear.  I've also ordered Rosemary Conley's The Fab Diet book.  Looks interesting a combination of exercise and diet to follow.  Reviews are mixed.  I'll give you my opinion once I've given it a go.

I'm now off to my shed to dig out get my Exercise bike and Reebox step.  I have a selection of workout DVDs and Zumba on the Xbox so plenty to keep me active, just choosing where to start is mind boogling.


My little ones go back to school this week, so I'm  planning to get in to the swing of things with an empty house I hope to feel more relaxed.  

If anyone has any good ideas not to give in to tempation, dont be shy, leave me a comment

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolution 2013

I cant believe we're in 2013!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. 

I personally had a great 2012, last year flow by, its been a while since I've felt this happy, all the pieces are falling into place.  I just hope this year is just as good if not better.  

The only thing I'm not happy with my weight, I'm always going up and down.  So as every year its time get back on track.  I'm making a pack with myself to live a better lifestyle, eat healthy, do exercise. So I intend to reach my goal.  Last year I tried but everything went belly up when I moved.  

So to give myself plenty of encouragement I will record everything on my blog.  


1) Lose weight - 4 stone target  
2) Eat healthy & exercise 
3) Spend quality time with my family
4) Eat meals at the table - (I just brought a table prior to Christmas so far so good) 
5) Blog more, about my weight lost, the products I like to use and review things I believe to be of interest

If there is one thing I have learnt in life, is that anything is possible. Just be positive and honest with oneself! 

If you haven't sent any goals just be happy

Heres is 2013!!! :)  

If you have any suggestions, comments or just want to say hello. Please do so!