Sunday, 24 November 2013

Slimpod first couple of days... I have a goal

I am wondering if any of my readers have any questions about my last post regarding Slimpod.

To be honest, I never gave myself time to think what I was about to start doing.  Now, I have questions, whats involved?  Will this work?  Is it actually possible to lost weight from listening to a recording?    

 For me to be able to succeed I need goals:

24th November 2013

   1)      Be a size 14, achieving my goal by 1st Jan 2015
   2)      Train, mostly running and dust off my DVD fitness collections (least 3 times a week)
   3)      My aim to drop a dress size every 3 months (1st March size 16) 

 I believe my goals are realistic and achieve 


I have been listening to the Slimpod for the last 3 nights.  Last night I fell asleep while listening, woke-up and played it again, fell sleep again.  I hope my unconsciousness had been listening as the ears never sleep.

The first morning after the night before (day before yesterday).  I didn't feel hungry until lunchtime, I had not even thought about food until I had to collect my son from nursery, that was only a trigger as I thinking what to make him for lunch.   Yesterday it was my hubbies birthday, I had to bake a birthday cake but afterwards I refused to cook dinner, I just could not face being back in the kitchen.  Reflecting back that was is so strange as I love to cook usually.

Sadly, hubby decided to order takeaway, celebrations for pizza from my little people.  I ate 2 slices they were nice but the garlic bread was so tasteless and greasy put me right off.  I have no idea if that was how they actually tasted or my brain telling me not to eat it.    

I am so aware of not feeling hungry, I haven't been avoiding food and have had a few snacks while not feeling hungry.  I am thinking how often do I snack without the need to eat.  Currently that question is just suspended over my head.

Today, Sunday Roast day, Chicken (I don't eat chicken ), I had veggies, parsnips, roasted new potatoes, peas, shredded cabbage and baked sausages. Hubs cooked and dished-out dinner. He gave me a normal portion.  I have to say dinner it was lovely, however I was not hungry to start off with.  I ate the lot and even had another sausage.

Now hours later I am suffering and have been suffering for a few hours.  I am so full, my tummy is really hurting, I can't remember being this full for ages.  Is the Slimpod working? 

The good news is I am feeling very positive.  I am very aware of not feeling hungry and when I feel hungry. Its all about little changes...