Thursday, 21 November 2013

Our Favourite LEGO memories

I have played with Lego forever, building all sorts, the tallest towers, the strangest animals ever imagined.

More recently, I took my sons to Legoland, Windsor.  For all of us it was the most magical getaway ever. My sons have never had a holiday, never stayed in a hotel nor been in a plane.

When we arrived, it felt so special, huge Lego bricks to great us and George the Lego Dragon to greet us on our arrival.

My little guys through we arrived in Wonderland. There eyes popping out of their heads, little faces screaming excitement.

As for LEGO its one the BEST inventions ever, we can make anything and everything, We made a massive cake that night. We had a tea party, however half way through Liam had different plans and decided to make at a dinosaur that wore yellow glasses.  The glasses were so big they fitted me!  

I asked them what they remember about Lego;

Liam 3: SpongeBob Square pants Ice-Cream stall... Because Liam and Sponge can eat Ice-cream that doesn't melt, he also said Patrick Starfish (SpongeBobs best friend) can fit in his pocket.  Which is handy as he takes him to places like Granmas house and sticks him in the freezer to look after our ice-lollies.     
James 5: He does not stop talking about Lego Starwars.  He said he loves watching daddy make the spaceships and laughs at being chased by the stormtroppers piggies (Think he maybe getting a little confused here)  James said he loves spending time with daddy and building castles, cars and trains together.  That's made me smile and feel a mushy inside. I never knew this until now.  

Even my big guy loves Lego, he remembers being a little kid, his dad would give him little characters, he'd swap all the heads around.  Most of all he remembers his mum telling him off for not tidying the bricks away.   I think all of us mums are guilty of this! 

My favourite memory, was playing with the cutest boy, we used all the Lego  to built the tallest tower we could, taller then a 10 year old.  It kept breaking and falling down, so we had to keep starting again.  But no romance their but I had fun and made friends.  Lego means having fun with friends, new and old.