Tuesday, 26 November 2013

John Cotton, Christmas Bed Bundle Review

Christmas is coming, what are you doing? Where are you going? Is anyone coming to stay with you? I am full of questions.

My dad spends every Christmas at my house, I will be organised this year.  John Cotton have a fantastic Bedset, The Complete Christmas Bundle; complete with Two pillows and protectors, a Double duvet and mattress protector.

He will be sleeping like a king, I mean snoring the house down!

This is an excellent package, very affordable and can be used over and over again.  The question is do I give it to him as a present or keep it for guests, I am undecided.  

The Bed Bundle pack comes in the red storage bag. The duvet can be rolled back up and crammed back in the storage bag, then neatly stored away.

The pillows come vacuum sucked air tight, the mattress & pillow protectors are in a separated bag.

The Double duvet is 13.5 tog, the duvet is thick and heavy, strong 100% polypropylene cover.
  • Anti-allergy.
  • Machine washable at 40°C.
  • Line dry only.

The mattress cover reminds me of a hair net, its transparent but feels strong.  The pillows feel light and are soft.

This Christmas Bundle have only be purchased at Argos; it's currently on sale at an amazing price of £19.99, original RRP £39.00

Also available
Single now £14.99 - was £29.99 
King  now £24.99 - was £49.99 
Reduced prices until 24th December.

Honestly the quality is not the greatest, I would not want to use the mattress protector and pillows everyday. The Duvet could be used constantly, very durable. 

Remember this is a Christmas Bed bundle not meant for every day use.  The quality doesn't reflect cost. You would be buying a bargain, more so with the sale on.       

So grab a bargain and just like puppies, it's not just for Christmas, can be used all year long, for family and friends. 

Or if you are someone or know someone who sleeps away from home often this would make a lovely travel bed bundle gift also.  

Hope you are looking forward to Christmas, its just a few weeks away.  Enjoy and be Merry!

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