Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Do you worry about your weight? Try keeping the pounds off over Christmas with Slimpod for FREE!

The hardest thing about Christmas can be watching the pounds go on as you over-indulge yourself. This year try a revolutionary approach: A unique FREE weight control MP3 download that’s specially created to help you enjoy Christmas and the New Year to the full without damaging your waistline.
You might already know about Slimpods from Harley Street weight loss specialists Thinking Slimmer. As a special gift for you all I've teamed up with my friend Sandra at Thinking Slimmer to offer you her fabulous  ‘Keep The Pounds Off Over Xmas' Slimpod download worth £29.99 – completely free.

It means you can eat, drink and be merry this Christmas without having to worry about putting on too much weight. If you've already tried a Slimpod you'll know there's no other weight management product like this in the world! 

What makes this Slimpod unique is that it's not designed to help you lose weight but to stop you putting on weight as you enjoy Christmas. In the run-up to Christmas you can gently retune your mind to eat less and feel full quicker by listening to the special recording for just 10 minutes a day.

Sandra, a Harley Street Specialist and founder of ThinkingSlimmer.com, says: “You’ll still be able to enjoy yourself but the Slimpod will make you want smaller portions of everything. No matter what diet you’ve been on before Christmas, our Slimpod downloads will look after your waistline for you.

 "The great thing is there’s no willpower involved. You get on with enjoying Christmas while your mind gets on with controlling your weight."

You’ll need to listen every day or night to achieve the best results. In previous years the great thing for most people was that they still felt able to enjoy themselves yet they chose smaller portions of everything
Links expires the 5th December.  I hope you get to listen to the Slimpod magic.
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