Thursday, 21 November 2013

Brain Training with Slimpod - Helping Hand; Great I need all the help I can get!

 Helping Hands! Slimpod

Brain training sounds more like a game, doesn't it. Well it's not and I'm really surprising myself at how seriously I am taking this.

Before moving to Hertfordshire, I had a great routine, I had started going to the gym 4 times a week, I had become very active. 21 months down the line, I have slipped in to bad habits and becoming pretty much inactive.  I constantly have my conscience telling me I should join the gym, walk more, do the things that I actually enjoy.  I am unsure what has gone wrong.

I am opening up mind and taking the plunge, this will be a new experience for me. I am taking part in a pilot scheme with Slimpod, called Helping Hands. The challenge last 12 weeks however I hope it will be forever lasting.

For anyone who has not heard of Slimpod, it is a slimming aid. Sandra Roycroft Davis is the founder of Thinking Slimmer. The concept: The no-diet diet. Re-train your brain to have a different relationship with food! Reduce hunger and lose weight - without dieting.

No drugs, no remedies, no gadgets, not even dieting as such.  The Slimpod is a pre-recording by Trevor Silverster the voice of Slimpod, he talks to our sub conscience, telling the listeners brain, how to achieve its goal.  To be able to train your brain in to new habits, the prerecording must be listened to every day or night for 21 days. However in 3 weeks changes in our bodies should have started but listening to the recording for 42 days their will a noticeable difference.

 There are rules in place to ensure Slimpod will be successful: 

1: Listen to Slimpod a minium of 21 days for the changes to begin and take effect
2: Do your daily success log - I guess this is to ensure you notice the difference within your life style before the effects start happening.  Plus helps as a reminder that these steps are heading in the right direction
3:  Set your goals properly.  Be realistic; its going to be impossible to lost 4 stones in 4 months.

I must also keep a log, of my weight, measurements, I will list daily, 3 differences I have noticed, e.g
I did not want to snack, I walked somewhere instead of drove, I did not eat all my dinner. 

The Helping Hands program; has been designed to reach out to users, for users to give feedback and gain support with regularly weekly hooks up. Talking about the little steps they have achieved every week, hopefully gaining success to reach their targets and goals. 

Just yesterday I received the recording, I chose drop two dress sizes or more (there are other Slimpods, its possible to do up too two a time), so already listened to it for the first time. The recording was not brain washing me in anyway; saying I must not eat. More of a gentle talking to, telling me to remember how I want to look, eat when I'm hungry. 

Very surprising thing today, I have been feeling full most all day, I have been very conscious of all my meals and had bursts of energy.
Please stick with me, I will be posting regular up dates, about the Help Hands program.  I am looking forward to giving you my next installment new week.   In the meantime if you have any questions please drop me a message.

I should also mention the Slimpods have already been proven to be very success.  So I delighted to be part of this program.    

Lucy x

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Thinking Slimmer

This is an unsponsored post; however I have been given the tools to review this on going program.