Saturday, 9 November 2013

Am I barking mad? Another tasty giveaway

I have been given a bundle of tasty delights from Salty Dog.  Salty Dog use the finest potatoes, hand-cooked with love, in sunflower oil that gives them that extra bite, seasoned with delicious flavours.  
Just in case you were not aware Salty Dog is the big brother to Darling Spuds :)

Salty Dog are fully aware my readers love a finger licking, mouth watering, chomping treat! 

Salty Dog  have a fabulous range of snacks, not just crunchy crisps but salty, sweet gourmet popcorn and naturally every snacker loves to chomp on flavuorsome nuts too!  

Starts 10/11 Please follow the 5 steps, Leave a comment on my blog, follow my blog by subscribing via email & tweet about #LBLGiveaway, follow me @LondonBirdLucy & @SaltyGrrr
Open to UK residence only - Winner announced on Friday, 29th November

In todays Good Bag! 
1 Salty Dog Mug
Fridge magnet
Not forgetting a fine selection of Crisps and Popcorn

Get your munch on with me! 

Wishing you all luck! 

This is an unsponsored post