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Game explosion for all the FAMILY! New console game releases 2013; Angry Birds Trilogy Competition

Last week I was invited to a pre-game launch event in London. Well, my little men were invited.  At the last minute L passed out! So hand in hand me and J jumped on the tube off to Central London for an adventure.

When we arrived J was extremely shy. He soon relaxed when he saw huge television screens with his favourite characters.

Happy Game Face

Game Pod 1 - Angry Birds - Star Wars 2 - The Pork Side

I have to say Angry Birds has come along way in the last few years.  So many adaptions of the original game, its simple app concept, fun levels, great cartoons. My personal favourite were all the seasons releases.
Angry Birds has gone from strength to strength, almost everyone I know has played it.  J has always been potty for Angry Birds, it was the first game he played.  Being 5 I am really surprised at how knowledgeable he is, he always wants me to add the next upgrade to our iPad. He knows all the special moves, he can play so much better then me.

J had only played Angry bird on a phone and tablets devices. He little face lite-up when he saw the game on the big screen.  He got stuck in. I could not really see anything different from the app. He found it just as easy to use the Xbox controls as phone/tablet devices.  I wanted to touch the TV haha maybe not such a good idea. (Old habits)
He enjoyed the game, even started explaining to me how to play!
Game is already available, as an app, console game due for release 29th October.

Game Pod 2 - Skylander; Swap Forces

Skylanders is awfully FANFLIPPINGTASTIC.  Swapforces will have a staggering 256 interchangeable new characters; they will do what they say on the tin... SWAP!!!   Definitely a great way to upgrade the game and bring in a new fun concept.  Unlike when Skylanders Giants was released, you will be able to game with any original characters from the Skylanders Giants, meaning if you have a portal all your Skylanders Giants collection can be used. If you are watching your pennies all you will need is to buy the game. 

The graphics look brilliant, not glitchy, crystal clear. Game play is much faster, so many new original levels.  J's hand and eye co-ordination is much faster, simple changes such as characters being able to jump has made a dramatic improvement too.


J adores Skylanders, he wants to play all the time, to be honest its one of my all time favourite games. Best news the game is being released 18th October and currently available for pre-order online EVERYWHERE! There is also a starter pack with 3 of the new characters. Woop!!! 
I have a feeling this will be huge selling for Christmas, so get in early. Opps, I couldn't help but mention the C word! 

Game Pod 3 - Sponge Bob Squarepants Planktons Robotic Revenge

Anyone who knows me is aware I have a passion for console games. So I had a cheeky go. Sponge Bob fans old and young will be intrigued lots of great levels, good storyline and excellent graphics. My first impression was wow this is really easy to control L (3 year old) could play.  How wrong was I, this is a game of skill and strategy.  I kept on dying this slowed down my game play but made me more determine to carry on.  All the usual characters are here, Sandy, Patrick, Mr Krabs, Plankton and Sponge Bob.  

Game will be released 22nd October. If you like a challenge and want to play with your children or Mum and Dad this is a great game for all the family.

Game Pod 4 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Our little Mutant Ninja Turtles friends are back! J loved this game.  I know he plays Ninja Turtles in the playground at school.  So to play the game was AWESOME for him.

Its a team, 4 player game, great for groups of friends and families.  It has a retro feel, I am thinking Double Dragon, Street Fighter with 2D graphics, its doesn't seem as fluid as other new releases but this is what makes it appealing as being a little different. Lots of beat'em up action, J loved it, beating up all the baddies.  He even saved me a few times. Car-rumba!!!

Due for release 25th October. If you fancy something a little different and back to you roots, even Mum and Dad will enjoy the game play. There is no waiting to take turns, one to four players action. Real good fun action game!

I have to thank Activision we had a great evening. I personally can't wait for the new releases.  J got a super goody bag, he keeps asking to go back to the computer shop! Haha

These games will be Xbox, Playstation, Wii/Wii U compatible.  Prices have not been confirmed as yet.  I am sure our little people and most big people will be demanding these new great releases for Christmas!  Hope Santa gets my wistlist :D

Hope this is given you an insight to what is being released over the next couple of weeks.

As a little treat... I am host a Giveaway! Newly Released on the Wii U
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Winner announced 1 November 2013

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