Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kid's Capture the Colour - #KIDSCTC

First Selfie

I have found that Kids capture is a fantastic way to engage little fingers and minds to be creative.  James is 5 he loves having his photo taken and plays up to the camera.  Now I have handed him his first camera to take as many or as little photos as he likes.  He enjoys playing at home and exploring our surrounding area.  So I have given him a camera and let him loose! To express his mind.

  I found some very interesting snaps, clear, blurry, odd angels all taken from a little boys prospective.

This is what he has come up with! 

Big Red Bus on the move.  

I took James to an event in London and we spotted this White car in a shop.
He was thrilled we had he camera.  He favourite photo

Being 5 years old, James has a love for the underground, London Transport! He was chuffed to find the underground sign on the this yellow Pay Here Post.

James is obsessed with taking photos of his little brother!  Green eyes!
He took at least 50 snaps!

He saw the Transformer and was amazed at how big it was.  
I was told to use this photo as  it is Blue.  

Mummy, the lights in the photo make the room blue. 

This is our entry into Travel Supermarkets Kid's Capture the Colour #KIDSCTC