Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fancy a Nibble, Hotel Chocolat Munch & Nibbles Chocolate review,

I am super pleased to be given something very special to review from the fine chocolate makers, Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat offer a superb range of chocolates, individuals bars, gift boxes and selection boxes including their signature & classic ranges, of all varieties; milk, dark, white, nutty, boxes of all sizes to suit all budgets.  Luxurious quality chocolate for all.  Hotel Chocolat have an excellent array for all occasions and seasons alike; I have been sent a delightful box of Munch & Nibble prefect for Autumn.

The new chocolate delights are officially here.  Thankfully the clocks had just gone back an hour, giving us an extra hour in bed in the morning.  I will not feel like I am waking up in the dead of night anymore, I could even sneak a nibble of these treats with my morning coffee.

The box is an assortment of chocolate encased nuts, raisins and a few new spicy, zesty flavours for an indulgent mix to suit anyone's palate.  I really love this new concept from Hotel Chocolate. 6 delightful trays of finger pinching chocolate treats, can be shared or eaten alone. 

Dark Caramelised Hazelnuts
Lovely crunchy nuts, the chocolate snaps, a lovely rich flavour

Lemon in Dark Chocolate & Orange in Milk Chocolate
These nibbly bits are a taste sensation, the lemon (Darker) and orange (Lighter) compliment each other, a quick tingly citrus burst with a powdery melting chocolate moment.   

Milk Raisin Grazers
Soft, chewy and fruity, the chocolate is sweet

Dark Salted Caramelised Almonds
The almond and chocolate is delicious and crunchy feast  

Ginger in Dark Chocolate 
The smell is awesome, the ginger ignites a hint of warmth, taste explodes in my mouth, different but really tasty   

Milk Chocolate Salted Peanuts
Really traditional wholesome nutty chocolate bite

The taste combination is endless, mixing them-up or eat as individuals, having one or two, one of each or handfuls.  I have to admit however I eat them they our moreish, very tasty, I have had to hide them from me.  

As for me, the nights fall upon us sooner, bringing a chill in the air, its definitely time to kick off my shoes after a long day and share all of the chocolaty goodness with my family and friends or when I am having a moment I will have a cheeky Munch & Nibble on my own.  

The packaging is pretty, very cute with little windows for us to peek inside. This box would also make lovely gift and a fab idea to take to parties.  I imagine everyone standing in the kitchen having a gossip and munch, these would be ideal, me thinks.  

The box is £16, Weighs 270g / 9.5oz
Hotel Chocolat have a strong ingredients philosophy to only use wholesome, real ingredients. their overall concept is to use Less Sugar, More Cocoa. 
Suitable for vegetarians, alcohol free, contains soya, milk, nuts

Please note this is an unsponsored, I have been sent the box to review this is my honest review.  

I hope you get to taste sometime soon.