Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dog Tails, a Dog with Pizzazz

Tyson; a Dog with Pizzazz! 

Anyone who reads my blog will be aware that I love my pooch, he plays a massive role within our family home.  He is a rescue dog, I've no idea how someone could of mistreated him.  He came into my life named Tyson, he isn't a fighter but loves a wrestle. He is Lurcher, Greyhound-Dalmatian cross. He turned 2 last September, he's my little boy.  My life just would not feel right without him. I love him, I take him everywhere I go.

He is not the most graceful of hounds, he can be a greedy guts and keeps us entertained with his stinky farts, he can be found upside down on the sofa snoring his head off.

He had issues when we first left him alone at home.  We had only home him for 3 weeks, I did the school run, I was a little longer then usual, doing a mini detour via the park with my boys.

 I came home to this! 

I cried.  I can deal with the massacre of the pillows, soft toys and the odd shoe but my sofa was a tad too much for me that day.   Lucky for Tyson I could replace my sofa not him.  

Thankfully his disruptive behaviour has calmed down.  I still come home to shredded pillows and toys!  Crikey whatever you do don't hype him up.
On a personal level I do on occasion get-up to strange things, especially when it comes to my hobby; Comping.

I wanted to enter a video competition, I had to bounce on a Spacehopper for at least 30 seconds.  I came up with a master plan.  I would jump down a huge hill, it looked so romantic all covered in fresh snow, how could anything go wrong.  The kids in school, hubby has taken the day off work to film for me. 

Me, my hubby and our doggy, we walked a while to find the right location, it was perfect spot.

Me, plus an already pumped Spacehopper ready to go, this is what happened.

I hope you laughed, I did but only after I watched the footage. Totally my own fault, I did not think for one minute, he would steal it from me and burst it. I could not even get a second go, gutted at the time.  Looking back he is a cheeky mutt. I would not change him for the world!  

There is never a dull moment in my home 

Waking up dog breathe in my face

Sharing cuddles

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