Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ben 10 Omniverse Transformations Station Review, Bandai Toys, Christmas Gift

The rather lovely toy makers Bandai Toys have sent me a couple of goodies to Review.  Prefect just in time for Christmas!

Ben 10 Ominverse Transformation Station

One look at the massive box I had two very excited sons. Before playtime I had to set the Transformation Station-up.  At first I felt really confused, looking back I should not of been, it was really easy to set-up.  The toy is designed for 4+. I would recommend 8+ to add the stickers to the Transformation station. If they are placed wrongly there is no way to restick them.

The Transformation Station is a clever toy, place Ben 10 in the entrance of the Station. Hit the magic button and bang, Ben 10 transforms in the Humungousaur.  I showed my sons how to hide  humungousaur in the trap doors.

The Transformation Station comes with extras; there is a cool bike that Ben 10 can sit on, pull the super trigger, Ben 10 is fired across the floor.  My eldest thinks this is brilliant as he has not stopped playing with it.  Also a Missile Launcher, great for shooting little brothers, daddies and anyone walking pass.

The Transformation Station had been used as typewriter, a till, a tower or castle during battle to name a few of the games I could hear being played.

Plus points
Easy to set-up
2 figures included (Ben 10 & Humungousau)
Hours of fun
Encourages imagination play
Character recognition to the Ben 10 Omniverse cartoon series 
No batteries needed
Huge range of other characters that can be purchased and played with the Transformation Station 

Negative points
Stickers fiddly to stick on
Lots of pieces (Just ensure a box is near by to keep it all safe & together)
Humungousaur tail is detachable 

My sons have been having great fun with the Transformation Station.  Its great to watch them pretend play and using their imaginations not just for Ben 10 character play but all sorts making up stories.

I really like the fact that both my sons like the toy, they have played together, separately and played for hours.  I would highly recommend this on my Christmas Gift list.

Last year I made what I thought were wise choices, as the toys gave me the WOW factor in their boxes in the store.  However once home they did nothing, meaning money wasted.  I would recommend read/watch reviews online and try to browse online first.

I really hope you enjoyed this, its our first toy review and I am happy that as a family we can give it the thumbs-up.

Recommended retail price £29.99. Searching online I have seen it from £24.00 bargain.  My sons are almost 4 & 5 and both had no complaints just compliments.

The entire Ben 10 Omniverse range can be found on the Bandai Toy UK website and its possible to purchase direct.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was given the product to review.  

Don't be shy; what's on your Christmas shopping list for the little ones this year!