Thursday, 19 September 2013

Music is MAGIC! JBL by Harman J55i Headphones Review


Takes me to another dimension, its where I tune in for total escapism.  Music makes me feel alive.

Whatever memories we have, most people like it, if not love music.  However we all have individual tastes.  There is some music that I detest, other music I feel I have to be in the mood to listen too and I know some of the music I listen too is not everyone's cup of tea.

I am fortunate to be a proud owner of JBL J55i Headphones.  Prior to owning these bad boys, I had used tons of different brand mostly big commical brands, also all types. Previously I had never heard of the brand JBL by Harman, JBL are all about AUDIO. They are dedicated to us music worshipers, lords of the dance.  Specialist in the field most definitely.  

An American Company dating back to 1946, named after founder James B Lansing. JBL has rubbed shoulders with some of the music industries finest musicians, providing kick ass speakers for huge gigs! These guys are the governors of musical engineering.  They are Globe with outlets stocking their products here in the UK too.

My J55i came in a nice neat box.  I was very eager to try them out and did not wait a beat.   Well, I have had headphones in the pass, these are like the King on the dance floor headphones. The sound quality is crystal clear. I listen too Breakbeat, Trance, Hard House, with the beats chopping and changing, tempos coming in fast with many different pitched vocals. The sound is magnified like an orchestra at the Albert Hall, I can hear all the layers pinging, punching my ear drums. I love them!

The headphone feel nice and not overly chunky or heavy with padding on the band and on the ear muffs. My head and ears feel comfortable, including on the move, no sliding off my head.
The ear muff can also click into position, they can rotate so fit just how you want them too. 

I like these because the music sounds great, outside sounds are blocked out and I'm not disturbing anyone with my love for banging tunes.  The muffs have a thick padding, comforting my ears, the padding is like an actual isolation.  Do you remember when you were younger and your parents are shouting through the door to turn down the tunes, its happened to me a lot. I would think I wish my room was sound proof. Thats what these headphone remind me of.  Please, note if you are listening to tunes at mega decibels, you know club speaker levels these babies will be heard by everyone!!!          

Most of all in this day and age headphones are in, really in, seriously part of fashion. these are very stylish all year round.

Priced at a very reasonable price £69.99 - Bargain I think

JBL direct online 

Hey Music Lover I hope you have enjoyed my review, this is an unsponsored post of a favourite product I want to share.