Monday, 16 September 2013

Getting Fat!

Today is the day!! 
I want to lose weight and feel fit

It pains me to say this but with the lack of a diet plan and exercise, the weight is piling on.  My once muscular frame is rather flabby. So all the great work I did in the past is totally wasted.

I have kept putting it off, going for that walk, run, doing my home dvd exercise.  I had wanted to join the gym but it's not affordable at this time, back that should not be an excuse to look after myself.  I get myself distracted with other things, my boys and even my dog.

Now my little heroes are both in School & Nursery.  I have 3 hours of me time every day.  So I plan to use this wisely.  

I also need to kick my bad food habits and have to write a food dairy! With daily calories intake.   In the past this has really worked. Best way to know I am not over eating.

I see a friend on Twitter 7hippopotamus whom has a lovely blog, wants to lose a stone before Christmas. So I'm going to join her and some other friends.  I have to start somewhere.
I'm armed with Green Tea, Lemons, A good set of walking leg and my trusted dog for mega walks. I will cut down on the Carbs and fats

I'll have a weekly weigh-in and measures, lets see what happens! 

14 Weeks until Christmas! Only 1 pound a week (thats not a lot)

 Thanks for reading!  
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