Thursday, 19 September 2013

Feeling mighty with Walkers Mighty Light! Totally scummy review! Mighty in flavour, lower in Fat

Buying crisps is a minefield, so much choice these days, more so if you are not sure what you want! Walkers are definitely in my top 3 brands, they make great crisps, true delicious flavours and variety  to suit everyone; families, kiddies, the snacker and the crisp worshiper.  I have friends that pop out for a pint of milk and come back chomping on a packet, do you?

Seems as if Walkers have heard my cries and have introduced the Mighty Lights. The name sounds like Boxer weights.  That's a good thing as they pack a punch with three Mighty flavours;
In the brown corner the raining champions Roast Chicken, in the blue corner Cheese and Onion, a highly tasty competitor. Lastly in the red corner Lightly Salted, trust me there is nothing light about their flavour!

If you have been following me I have just started dieting, counting calories and banging on about losing weight.  Since having kids I have gained a treat cupboard and a few extra stones to be honest. Treats at home make my life difficult. Is it a wrong thing to say, there's nothing more satisfying then stuffing my face with crisps.  When I am home alone I could be found with a sneaky treat in hand and crisps are right up as my favourites. Tut-tut naughty me.

I have been calorie counting the last few days and every calorie to me is precious. Mighty Lights are no ordinary (fatter) crisp they are healthier, not your 5 a day healthy but 30% less fat trimmed off the standard crisps healthier. Each 25g bag contents 114kcal.

Most importantly with the 30% less fat content the flavours are Mighty packed with delicious flavours. They taste prefect to me and my family really like them too.

So a MASSIVE thank you. I can have a bag and not feel too guilty and remain to eat a healthy calorie controlled diet.  Also in the plus side my sons love crisps, they can have a healthier treat which is great for pack lunches, days out and snacks too.  They loved the 3 flavours even the Roast Chicken which is not a household favourite.    

Mighty Lights are sold all over the UK, £1.79 for the multipacks, which have 6 x 25g bags. The crisps looks so neat, all perfectly ridged too.

Now for some facts:

30% less fat (than standard potato crisps on average)
No artificial colours or preservatives
A souce of fibre
Suitable for vegetarians
Made from real potatoes

For details on products Walkers Mighty Lights

I hope you go and try them very soon!

This is a sponsored post; This is my honest opinion.