Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition with Debenhams

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition with Debenhams by lucy-zelazowski featuring a wood mirror

Debenhams with the assistance from Annie of Mammasaurus and Jen from Love Chic Living have put together a great competition to piece together a Dream Bedroom!

Sounds easy hey? Well, with £5000 to hypothetically spend at Debenhams. I have to say I jump up at this challenge, I adore Debenhams homewares and best of all I got my interior designer hat on.  Prior to this competition I have spent hours choosing my dream bedroom, frontroom, living room, my wishlist is mahoosive.   

I have chosen a collaboration of different styles, together they connect in my mind. I love my dream bedroom, its my sanctuary my little space to run and hide and relax, where I would feel happy, content with myself. 

Modern pieces such as the Blue Funk Rug & Hollywood Chrome Table Lamp are styles that suit my full on bright trendy personality. 
My bedroom has a twist of vintage styling too, the Blue 'Chesterfield' occasional chairBlue 'Antoinette' Two-Drawer Wide Chest & Antique nickel 'Isabelle' bed frame, I adore these pieces they make me feel regal at home, comfortable, taking me back to an elegant place in time.

I want my dream bedroom to reflect me, where I have been; Asia is a beautiful land filled with birds, flowers, a gentle feeling of calmness.  I have chosen a few eye catching pieces Designer green Japanese Chinoise bedding set, Blue bird wire jewellery holder, Designer blue lotus flower girl cushion, each piece is full of details, elegant and together they look great, giving my bedroom focal points.  Also the white hand painted metal trunk, would look nice on the Blue Antoinette Drawer, inside all my trinkets would be hidden.   

I have hanging hearts as the look so pretty as little group they make a happy statement.

My core collection is The Wooden pieces; The Wooden Ornate mirror, Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' 8 drawer wide chest & Dark brown wooden floor lamp.  These make my bedroom feel stable, without these pieces my bedroom would look empty, they bring the entire bedroom together. 

Wooden ornate mirror

White 'Live Laugh Love' cut out heart

Cream butterfly hanging heart

White hanging heart candle holder

Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' 8 drawer wide chest

Hollywood Chrome Table Lamp

Blue 'Funk' rug

White hand painted metal trunk

Designer green Japanese Chinoise bedding set

Blue 'Chesterfield' occasional chair

Designer blue lotus flower girl cushion

Dark brown wooden floor lamp

Blue bird wire jewellery holder

Blue 'Antoinette' Two-Drawer Wide Chest

Antique nickel 'Isabelle' bed frame

Out of my whopping £5000 I have spent The grand total = £2916.60

I hope you like my collection as I do.  Now I am in the mood to redecorate.

If you wish to enter the competition details here Debenhams Dream bedroom competition

This is an unsponsored post, all my true and honest opinions and taste. 

Thank you for looking!