Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chill Out with Mem-Gel Slumberdown Pillow Review

I am really happy to say we have had more marvellous British weather.  Lovely hot days basking in the sun but, then comes the warmer nights.  Hot, sticky, sweaty and just plain feeling bothered. Thankfully I am fortunate not to be affected with warmer nights and I sleep like a baby.

Not my beloved boyfriend he always has a troubled sleep.  He has very restless nights, covers on, then off, then on again.  Wiggling all night.

Which makes him annoyed and a grumpy boyfriend and daddy to our little ones, he is always complaining from lack of sleep, the warmer nights definitely make it worse.

Lucky for him, well all my family, I have been given the Slumberdown Mem-Gel Pillow!!!!

What is that? I hear you ask? I shall explain this Super COOL pillow? Excuse the pun! It's an actual COOLER Pillow. The pillow case has a large gel pad (the blue square patch) stitched into it, the case comes with a lovely chunky thick Memory foam (FIRM) pillow.

Now do not be fooled the pillow is not going to feel like a blast of Air Con cooling your head and send you off to sleepsville.  You may not even notice how cool it feels as you sleep (but you will do to touch with your hands) but it helps you to perspire less, generally feeling like you have had a better nights sleep.

His thoughts!
A very comfortable restful sleep.
Most importantly he felt cooler in the night
Head is supported

My thoughts; He has the pillow tucked away on his side of the bed and no-one is allowed to use it! He is sleeping longer and is less moody in the day time, so its working well in my opinion.

Just a few pointers, the original packaging shows the cooling pad on the pillow however it has been redesigned more logically for the cooling pad to be in the pillow case.

Also I felt the cooling pad pillow case felt cooler inside out as the material is thinner on the inside, so we have it inside out.  There is also a slight odor which is temporary this fads away with time

Slumberdown have just launched their new fantastic Mem-Gel pillow, at £24.99 for a single pillow. Will be available in Argos. Definitely great value for money.

Please note I am part of Slumberdown Panel of Mums, this is an unsponsored post but, I get to keep the products I review.  This is my families honest opinions!

I hope I am able to help any overly warm night time sleep sufferers. 
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