Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition with Debenhams

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition

Dream Bedroom Moodboard Competition with Debenhams by lucy-zelazowski featuring a wood mirror

Debenhams with the assistance from Annie of Mammasaurus and Jen from Love Chic Living have put together a great competition to piece together a Dream Bedroom!

Sounds easy hey? Well, with £5000 to hypothetically spend at Debenhams. I have to say I jump up at this challenge, I adore Debenhams homewares and best of all I got my interior designer hat on.  Prior to this competition I have spent hours choosing my dream bedroom, frontroom, living room, my wishlist is mahoosive.   

I have chosen a collaboration of different styles, together they connect in my mind. I love my dream bedroom, its my sanctuary my little space to run and hide and relax, where I would feel happy, content with myself. 

Modern pieces such as the Blue Funk Rug & Hollywood Chrome Table Lamp are styles that suit my full on bright trendy personality. 
My bedroom has a twist of vintage styling too, the Blue 'Chesterfield' occasional chairBlue 'Antoinette' Two-Drawer Wide Chest & Antique nickel 'Isabelle' bed frame, I adore these pieces they make me feel regal at home, comfortable, taking me back to an elegant place in time.

I want my dream bedroom to reflect me, where I have been; Asia is a beautiful land filled with birds, flowers, a gentle feeling of calmness.  I have chosen a few eye catching pieces Designer green Japanese Chinoise bedding set, Blue bird wire jewellery holder, Designer blue lotus flower girl cushion, each piece is full of details, elegant and together they look great, giving my bedroom focal points.  Also the white hand painted metal trunk, would look nice on the Blue Antoinette Drawer, inside all my trinkets would be hidden.   

I have hanging hearts as the look so pretty as little group they make a happy statement.

My core collection is The Wooden pieces; The Wooden Ornate mirror, Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' 8 drawer wide chest & Dark brown wooden floor lamp.  These make my bedroom feel stable, without these pieces my bedroom would look empty, they bring the entire bedroom together. 

Wooden ornate mirror

White 'Live Laugh Love' cut out heart

Cream butterfly hanging heart

White hanging heart candle holder

Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' 8 drawer wide chest

Hollywood Chrome Table Lamp

Blue 'Funk' rug

White hand painted metal trunk

Designer green Japanese Chinoise bedding set

Blue 'Chesterfield' occasional chair

Designer blue lotus flower girl cushion

Dark brown wooden floor lamp

Blue bird wire jewellery holder

Blue 'Antoinette' Two-Drawer Wide Chest

Antique nickel 'Isabelle' bed frame

Out of my whopping £5000 I have spent The grand total = £2916.60

I hope you like my collection as I do.  Now I am in the mood to redecorate.

If you wish to enter the competition details here Debenhams Dream bedroom competition

This is an unsponsored post, all my true and honest opinions and taste. 

Thank you for looking!  

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Garrett A Chicago Tradition Coming to the UK soon! The Chicago Mix popcorn review

As far back as I can remember popcorn always conjures up warm feelings of being with family and friends.  My mum would treat me and sisters too movie night. She would make both sweet & salty popcorn, we would eat it up quickly.  strangely I have never made popcorn myself but I really enjoy eating it. These days every cinema visitor just would not be the same without a troff of popcorn, my sons love to share.

I have a wicked sweet tooth and savory snacks are my favourite.  So much to my delight I had been kindly sent some popcorn from Garrett Popcorn to review.  I had never heard of Garrett, however this is a rather well known luxury brand based in America, selling lip smacking popcorn since 1946. 

I am so used to seeing popcorn sold in the supermarket in little bags or in open boxes at the cinema.  When my sample arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the stunning bold retro style looking tins, very elegant, a touch of class looking daper, I hope the popcorn lives up to my expectations.

Garrett have a grand selection of tasty popcorn flavour, hopefully to suit most people, using the finest quality ingredients.

The Chicago Mix, CaramelCrisp, CheeseCorn, Buttery, Almond, CaramelCrisp, Pecan CaramelCrisp, Cashew CaramelCrisp, Macadmia CaramelCrisp.

I received the Chicago Mix, two types is popcorn mixed together. This mixture was created by Garretts' loyal fans as they wanted something sweet and salty.

The Caramel Crisp; The kernels of rich butter notes, sweet brown sugar and a crème brûlée crunch combination. The tasty caramel is crunchy with every bite, these made my mouth water.
The Cheese Corn; Stirred in freshly-melted sharp cheddar cheese, the cheesy kernels got my taste buds working, picking up the salty, creamy, cheesy flavour, the kernels are light and almost melted in my mouth.

The flavours and the textures are so different individually, both nice but when eaten together the contrast works a dream, a real treat. Its was easy to get carried away with this tasty sensation.  My family really enjoyed tucking in, they have not asked for chocolate, biscuits or crisps all week, only wanting popcorn.  Which is been good for me as I limited their sugar intake.   I too have been counting the calories, an average 30g serving of Garrett popcorn is approximately 170kcal. Due to the handcrafted nature, nutrient values may vary.   

Garretts' first shop was based in Chicago, proving very popular and now is a Chicago Tradition, with shops all over Chicago.  Garrett cooks the kernels in an old fashioned traditional way, in copper kettles, this process is still done today also freshly made daily by hand in batches. Definitely Garrett are popcorn giants with 70 years of experience, selling the finest flavours in their Chicago, Las Vegas & New York stores. Garrett has gone global with brunches now Asia & The Middle East.   

I have some tasty news as Garrett are going to open their first UK bunch in London.  Location is still to be confirmed.  This is exceptional popcorn and I can not wait for the store to open and get tasting the other flavours.  I will be reporting back with details of the store and prices and what service Garrett will be providing to us locals.  So sit back, enjoy and watch this space.

If you have any questions please ask! 

This is an unsponsored post, however I have been given some delicious popcorn to sample! YUM!!! 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Music is MAGIC! JBL by Harman J55i Headphones Review


Takes me to another dimension, its where I tune in for total escapism.  Music makes me feel alive.

Whatever memories we have, most people like it, if not love music.  However we all have individual tastes.  There is some music that I detest, other music I feel I have to be in the mood to listen too and I know some of the music I listen too is not everyone's cup of tea.

I am fortunate to be a proud owner of JBL J55i Headphones.  Prior to owning these bad boys, I had used tons of different brand mostly big commical brands, also all types. Previously I had never heard of the brand JBL by Harman, JBL are all about AUDIO. They are dedicated to us music worshipers, lords of the dance.  Specialist in the field most definitely.  

An American Company dating back to 1946, named after founder James B Lansing. JBL has rubbed shoulders with some of the music industries finest musicians, providing kick ass speakers for huge gigs! These guys are the governors of musical engineering.  They are Globe with outlets stocking their products here in the UK too.

My J55i came in a nice neat box.  I was very eager to try them out and did not wait a beat.   Well, I have had headphones in the pass, these are like the King on the dance floor headphones. The sound quality is crystal clear. I listen too Breakbeat, Trance, Hard House, with the beats chopping and changing, tempos coming in fast with many different pitched vocals. The sound is magnified like an orchestra at the Albert Hall, I can hear all the layers pinging, punching my ear drums. I love them!

The headphone feel nice and not overly chunky or heavy with padding on the band and on the ear muffs. My head and ears feel comfortable, including on the move, no sliding off my head.
The ear muff can also click into position, they can rotate so fit just how you want them too. 

I like these because the music sounds great, outside sounds are blocked out and I'm not disturbing anyone with my love for banging tunes.  The muffs have a thick padding, comforting my ears, the padding is like an actual isolation.  Do you remember when you were younger and your parents are shouting through the door to turn down the tunes, its happened to me a lot. I would think I wish my room was sound proof. Thats what these headphone remind me of.  Please, note if you are listening to tunes at mega decibels, you know club speaker levels these babies will be heard by everyone!!!          

Most of all in this day and age headphones are in, really in, seriously part of fashion. these are very stylish all year round.

Priced at a very reasonable price £69.99 - Bargain I think

JBL direct online 

Hey Music Lover I hope you have enjoyed my review, this is an unsponsored post of a favourite product I want to share.

Feeling mighty with Walkers Mighty Light! Totally scummy review! Mighty in flavour, lower in Fat

Buying crisps is a minefield, so much choice these days, more so if you are not sure what you want! Walkers are definitely in my top 3 brands, they make great crisps, true delicious flavours and variety  to suit everyone; families, kiddies, the snacker and the crisp worshiper.  I have friends that pop out for a pint of milk and come back chomping on a packet, do you?

Seems as if Walkers have heard my cries and have introduced the Mighty Lights. The name sounds like Boxer weights.  That's a good thing as they pack a punch with three Mighty flavours;
In the brown corner the raining champions Roast Chicken, in the blue corner Cheese and Onion, a highly tasty competitor. Lastly in the red corner Lightly Salted, trust me there is nothing light about their flavour!

If you have been following me I have just started dieting, counting calories and banging on about losing weight.  Since having kids I have gained a treat cupboard and a few extra stones to be honest. Treats at home make my life difficult. Is it a wrong thing to say, there's nothing more satisfying then stuffing my face with crisps.  When I am home alone I could be found with a sneaky treat in hand and crisps are right up as my favourites. Tut-tut naughty me.

I have been calorie counting the last few days and every calorie to me is precious. Mighty Lights are no ordinary (fatter) crisp they are healthier, not your 5 a day healthy but 30% less fat trimmed off the standard crisps healthier. Each 25g bag contents 114kcal.

Most importantly with the 30% less fat content the flavours are Mighty packed with delicious flavours. They taste prefect to me and my family really like them too.

So a MASSIVE thank you. I can have a bag and not feel too guilty and remain to eat a healthy calorie controlled diet.  Also in the plus side my sons love crisps, they can have a healthier treat which is great for pack lunches, days out and snacks too.  They loved the 3 flavours even the Roast Chicken which is not a household favourite.    

Mighty Lights are sold all over the UK, £1.79 for the multipacks, which have 6 x 25g bags. The crisps looks so neat, all perfectly ridged too.

Now for some facts:

30% less fat (than standard potato crisps on average)
No artificial colours or preservatives
A souce of fibre
Suitable for vegetarians
Made from real potatoes

For details on products Walkers Mighty Lights

I hope you go and try them very soon!

This is a sponsored post; This is my honest opinion.       

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I found this post rather interesting, thought I would share with you. Especially as I'm kicking myself into shape...  

-       Trend could save NHS an estimated £36bn

Over a third (35%) of Brits are turning to health gadgets instead of their doctor, potentially saving the NHS billions of pounds, according to new research published today.

The survey* by independent shopping price comparison engine,, was conducted to measure how gadgets such as pedometers, BMI calculators and heart rate monitors are improving the nation’s health.

The NHS currently spends around £103bn a year on health services**. However these handy little gadgets could soon be saving it an estimated £36bn pounds each year*** as one in three health gadget users now make fewer visits to their doctor.

The top 10 UK cities most likely to use a gadget rather than visit the doctor are:
1.    Belfast  - 60%
2.    London – 40%
3.    Birmingham 40%
4.    Norwich – 39%
5.    Southampton – 37%
6.    Glasgow – 37%
7.    Newcastle – 37%
8.    Edinburgh – 36%
9.    Manchester – 33%
10.  Liverpool – 32%

It’s not all good news though; people are now more likely to wrongly diagnose themselves. 21% of people in Edinburgh are using gadgets to find out what illness they are suffering from compared to 20% in Belfast and 16% in Norwich.

The following league table shows which health problems people are using gadgets to help diagnose or provide peace of mind:
1.         Fitness – 70%
2.         Weight loss – 56%
3.         General health – 55%
4.         Heart condition – 31%
5.         Improved joints – 27%
6.         Strength training – 25%
7.         Insomnia – 13%
8.         Cosmetic appearance – 13%
9.         Illness – 12%

Erik Lorentz, Head of Communications, at said: “It’s surprising to see that so many people are using health gadgets to improve their fitness and wellbeing, but also to avoid a trip to the doctor. The findings could have major implications for NHS spend and waiting times, particularly if the technology behind health gadgets continues to evolve!”

A surprising half of people own at least two or more health gadgets with 47% owning a pedometer, 44% using a Wii Fit and 24%  relying on a heart rate monitor.

The biggest spenders are people in Glasgow with over a third of respondents (35%) claiming to have spent over £100 on health gadgets. London, Manchester and Edinburgh come second with being the most flush with their cash, with a fifth of people spending over £100.

From the latest health gadgets to fitness and outdoor equipment, independently checks the prices of over 400,000 products across the UK. Monitoring over 1,500 retailers, the site is the consumer champion – finding the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

For further information, visit or follow on Twitter @PriceSpyUK.

I am definitely one of the people using gadgets to monitor my health but if I were seriously unfit I would see my doctor first.  I personally feel gadgets are great. The next gadget on my wishlist will be a heart rate monitor. 

What about you?

Please note this is an unsponsored!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Getting Fat!

Today is the day!! 
I want to lose weight and feel fit

It pains me to say this but with the lack of a diet plan and exercise, the weight is piling on.  My once muscular frame is rather flabby. So all the great work I did in the past is totally wasted.

I have kept putting it off, going for that walk, run, doing my home dvd exercise.  I had wanted to join the gym but it's not affordable at this time, back that should not be an excuse to look after myself.  I get myself distracted with other things, my boys and even my dog.

Now my little heroes are both in School & Nursery.  I have 3 hours of me time every day.  So I plan to use this wisely.  

I also need to kick my bad food habits and have to write a food dairy! With daily calories intake.   In the past this has really worked. Best way to know I am not over eating.

I see a friend on Twitter 7hippopotamus whom has a lovely blog, wants to lose a stone before Christmas. So I'm going to join her and some other friends.  I have to start somewhere.
I'm armed with Green Tea, Lemons, A good set of walking leg and my trusted dog for mega walks. I will cut down on the Carbs and fats

I'll have a weekly weigh-in and measures, lets see what happens! 

14 Weeks until Christmas! Only 1 pound a week (thats not a lot)

 Thanks for reading!  
Dont be shy come and say hello :D

Friday, 6 September 2013

Money, Money, Money, Pocket Money Tales! #RoosterBankPMI

Pocket Money Tales! 

When I was younger I did not recall the value of money.  I remember getting 10p around 6 years old and being trusted to go to the corner shop, I would buy sweets or Space Raider crisps. The pickled onion flavour, my fave. I used to think money was magic. These would be random treats from my mum. 

On the other hand when I got a little older my dad would give me £1 when I used to stay with him on the weekends.  I did not have to work for it and I could do what I wanted with it.  

A whole POUND coin (I remember the paper ones too)! These would be new £1 coins. I would marvel at the golden looking coin, feel the heavy weight in my hand and place it in pocket.  I have a vivid memories of play with money, rolling & spinning them on the floor. I would buy stationary and colouring books.

My first big present to me was Cyndi Laupers' Girls want to have fun however sadly the record was warped I had to take it back and swapped it for Madonnas' True Blue; I still have it knocking about somewhere!

Looking back I really wasted my pocket money. I don't remember wanting any exciting toys. Mainly I would save my money to collected Fifa Football stickers (I was a bit of Tom Boy) and my first Chelsea Football kit.  At Christmas I would buy my entire family presents. Looking back now I am unsure if my nan appreciated the 99p Superdrugs dodgy talc powder.

Years down the line I do see the importance for little people to understand money is not happiness but it helps, also it does not grow on trees.

Times have definitely changed too, children are prone to media and trends at such an early age. There are consoles, gadgets, games, cartoons with merchandise and logos all recongised and wanted.  I'm not made of money however, I do like my sons to have nice things.  Most birthdays & Christmas's they get money from Grandparents.  As they are both young 3 & 5. I tend to save their money and put it towards big things they need in the year.

They are growing and changing, last year J. wanted a new app.  I said no.  I am not a meany but I try not to encourage he can have whatever he wants when he makes demands.  A few moments later he is standing in front of me cupping a lot of change.

Him: Is this enough? he asked
I was very bemused.
Me: Where did you get this money from?
Him: I stolen it from you and daddy.

I am sure most parents would of been furious.  I actually found it hilarious I had to hide my smile from him to explain why its naughty to take things that don't belong to you.

The incident highlighted a couple of things. My son knew the word 'stolen' this is something never discussed but importantly it was time for pocket money and getting him to understand the value of money.   

Thankfully some time prior I introduced a reward & behaviour chart!  This is something I made, its a fun looking tree, pretty much a massive talking point in their bedroom when friends come over.


At the end of the day as family we discuss how their day went. Good behaviour the squirrels move-up, bad behaviour the squirrel stays put.  The aim to get the Squirrels start at the base of the tree and work their way up to the acorns, when the reach an acorn they get 50p which goes into a joint money jar.

Boys being boys it can get confusing and some days the squirrels are at the base of the tree again... I wonder who moved them! Much to little giggles, they are so cheeky playing tricks on each other.

Currently they want to buy everything and anything relating to Angry Birds, Skylanders & Super Mario, new apps.  So when they have enough money to get a decent toy we go and buy it.  Its gives me great relief knowing they earned it!  As they are getting older, I'm looking forward for chores equating to cash!  Being a parent does have perks!

This post is my entry into the Tots100 / Rooster Bank Pocket Money Competiton 


    Tuesday, 3 September 2013

    Chill Out with Mem-Gel Slumberdown Pillow Review

    I am really happy to say we have had more marvellous British weather.  Lovely hot days basking in the sun but, then comes the warmer nights.  Hot, sticky, sweaty and just plain feeling bothered. Thankfully I am fortunate not to be affected with warmer nights and I sleep like a baby.

    Not my beloved boyfriend he always has a troubled sleep.  He has very restless nights, covers on, then off, then on again.  Wiggling all night.

    Which makes him annoyed and a grumpy boyfriend and daddy to our little ones, he is always complaining from lack of sleep, the warmer nights definitely make it worse.

    Lucky for him, well all my family, I have been given the Slumberdown Mem-Gel Pillow!!!!

    What is that? I hear you ask? I shall explain this Super COOL pillow? Excuse the pun! It's an actual COOLER Pillow. The pillow case has a large gel pad (the blue square patch) stitched into it, the case comes with a lovely chunky thick Memory foam (FIRM) pillow.

    Now do not be fooled the pillow is not going to feel like a blast of Air Con cooling your head and send you off to sleepsville.  You may not even notice how cool it feels as you sleep (but you will do to touch with your hands) but it helps you to perspire less, generally feeling like you have had a better nights sleep.

    His thoughts!
    A very comfortable restful sleep.
    Most importantly he felt cooler in the night
    Head is supported

    My thoughts; He has the pillow tucked away on his side of the bed and no-one is allowed to use it! He is sleeping longer and is less moody in the day time, so its working well in my opinion.

    Just a few pointers, the original packaging shows the cooling pad on the pillow however it has been redesigned more logically for the cooling pad to be in the pillow case.

    Also I felt the cooling pad pillow case felt cooler inside out as the material is thinner on the inside, so we have it inside out.  There is also a slight odor which is temporary this fads away with time

    Slumberdown have just launched their new fantastic Mem-Gel pillow, at £24.99 for a single pillow. Will be available in Argos. Definitely great value for money.

    Please note I am part of Slumberdown Panel of Mums, this is an unsponsored post but, I get to keep the products I review.  This is my families honest opinions!

    I hope I am able to help any overly warm night time sleep sufferers. 
    All comments are welcome do not be shy, come and sat hello.  

    Monday, 2 September 2013

    Competition time! The Hairy Bikers Big Book of Baking!

    Last month I won an excellent selection of books with Cherry Picks.  Thanks to my love for the Orient-Express, it never lets me down!  I got to choose £100 worth of books from the Publishers; Orion Books!

    Talk about a hard a choice, I would usually buy books for my kids however their book shelves are actually spilling over.  With Orions' fine range of books with many great authors, fiction, non-fictional reads -  Boosh I treated myself! 

    Much to my surprise in error I was sent me an extra copy of The Hairy Bikers' Big Book of Baking.

    Orion have kindly said I can keep the book to run a little competition! So THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know I have lots of lovely followers who are keen bakers, chefs and most of all food lovers.  This competition will definitely tantalize your taste buds and help you cook up a storm in the kitchen!

    Its a brilliant book with fabulous recipes from all over Europe! Not just Cakes and Breads but hearty Casseroles, Crumbles and Pies too.  If you are familiar with Hairy Bikers series you know you are in for a delicious treat. Lots of great photo and clear instructions to get tummy rumbling.

    This is a Hard back copy; RRP £20! #Awesome 

    So what are you waiting for... Enter! 
    Winner Picked 30th September

    Good Luck and come back soon! 


    Please note this is an unsponsored