Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thank you Re-Home Animal Rescue. Rescue a Forever friend.

For every person there's a cat, dog, rabbit needing a home.
Its been a year and 3 months since I've been a dog owner.  I always said when I have house with a garden I would love to own a dog.  

Luckily for me after 3 months of moving into my new home, my boyfriend saw a plea on a friends facebook page, a fostered dog needing for a home. I personally never know animals could come from foster carers but it makes sense Battersea Dogs Home can't house all unwanted animals in the UK.

The post came form an organisation ReHome Animal Rescue An UK Cross Posting & Rescuing site Their Moto: United we stand helping ANIMALS in need!

They rescue animals and aim to provide back up and support for ALL animal rescues across the UK. The aim of their group is to cross post rescue animals in the hope of getting them more coverage to find their loving forever homes.  These forever friends have been properly assessed, they're ready for a loving home. If you (or anyone you may know) is looking to adopt a new "forever friend" then please do join them and #SpreadTheWord.

Rescues are welcome to post any animal on this site, please ensure to join for details.  

My boyfriend went to meet with the carer and meet with the dog for himself. He came home raving about the dog. He also arranged a home visit with the foster carer.  She would also bring the dog with her.
Having any pet is a massive responsibility, feeding, walkies, cleaning dirty traces just to name a few of the day to day responsibilities. I also have little people running around, I had to be sure we would all get on with each other.

The lovely lady came to our house with the dog a few days later.  He was a lot bigger then his photo showed.  My kids seemed unsure and excited about the idea of having a dog.  I tell no word of a lie, I fell for him. He was puppy, 8 months old but he was long and tall.  He is a Lurcher, Greyhound, Dalmatian cross.

His foster carer explained how he came to her;
His owner went to work, would leave the puppy at home all day. The dog became very disruptive and tore up the owners belongings and her furniture.  I was also told that the dog would be swung around by his paws. The dog was found abandoned and starving, by a relation of the owner and given too the carer.

I'm guessing as a cute little puppy he was adorable but as he got older, larger he wasn't so cute anymore and needed attention all the time.  But in all honestly we have no idea how he was treated or mistreated, I just wanted to love him.

His carer came to see if my home would be suitable and safe, also checking we would be suitable.  Just as a child, this doggy was in her care because he has a past, not a carefree colourful one either.

Lucky for me, I am the very happy owner of the most beautiful dog. He really completed my family.  He is naughty at times and it feels like I have another son, he needs constant attention.  When we first got him he had food problems, he would raid the bread bin, the pans in the kitchen. Snatch food from the kids. His behaviour mostly good but he loved chewing the kids toys, shoes.  He even ripped my sofa to shreds (we only had him for a couple of weeks when this happened).

With time, training and a lot of love he has changed; now he eats almost everything, only eats food given to him, he still can be disruptive but not to the same extent. He will be 2 years old next month and this is normal behaviour for a young dog.

My dog came to my home house trained & when outside he comes back on command, a real bonus.  Also as a rescue dog, he has been neutered, wormed, defleaed, all his vaccines up to date with all his paperwork.    

Most of all he makes me smile, he's the happiest dog in the world.

I have wanted to write to post for ages.
Firstly, to say how wonderful it is to be his mum.
Secondly, to advise not all dogs that are in rescue homes/trusts are bad aggressive dogs. Lots have bad owners, mostly someone gets a dog then realises they have to work to maintain the dogs upkeep and can't commit.
Thirdly, thank the organisation for him THANK YOU - He is the BEST!!! 

This company runs on donations for vaccinations, neutering, food even the small things like transporting them from A to Z cost, the foster carers do pay a lot from their own pockets.  I'm sure they would be happy for any donations.

Also if you or someone you know wants to be a loving forever friend or you are foster carer needing help please take a look it the page.
Good luck and spread the word - Facebook: Rehome Animal Rescue

Kindly RT and reshare on Twitter & Facebook - Lets save these beautiful animals!