Monday, 19 August 2013

Snuggle-up with Snuggledown's Back Sleeper pillow Review

Snuggledown sent me a Back Sleeper pillow for me to review.

Snuggledown is a luxury bedding brand part of the John Cotton Group, the company dates back to 1901 based on Norway.  I bet the nights are cold and long there. However with over a century of expertise in the industry, Scandinavians have been sleeping cosily.

Leaders of quality duvets and pillows, they are renown for using the finest of materials sourced from around the world for superior quality.

For the past few weeks I have been fortunate to test their medium filled Back Sleeper pillow. 

This is a lovely plump pillow with a double edged.  Making the edges and the sides of the pillow wider then a standard pillow.  For a firmer more comfortable sleep, supporting my neck as the pillows filling is deeper at the edges.  

I tend to sleep on my back, the pillow lays comfortably under my head and neck giving my head a firm lift.  It feels delicate under my head, most importantly my neck is laying in comfort.  My head is slightly more lifted then what I am used too.  I can really feel the difference, it feels great, reminds me of luxury 5 star hotel pillows. My head is not berried in softness and I can get up without being sucked into my pillow.     

A little bit of back ground about me, I usually sleep very well.  I can get very hot (not since I changed my duvet) I have been told by my beloved boyfriend I break out in snore.  Which to be honest I do not believe.  haha I'm a lady.  He says its not loud and not often but I wake him.  So much to our surprise I have not woken him up once in the last few weeks.  I am guessing because my head to higher I am not laying back with my mouth open.     

The Snuggledown medium filled Back Sleeper pillow can be found mainly online, from £12-15. I found them stocked at BHS and Amazon. Online links

  • Medium Depth Pillow
  • Machine Washable @ 40°C
  • 240 Thread Count, 100% Cotton Cover
  • Polyester Clusterfibre Fill
  • Non Allergenic

I am pleased to say I have been having sweet dreams, I hope you and your loved ones can get a decent nights sleep its so important to rest our bodies. 

We our having a heatwave next week and I hope to be sharing a treat with you, next week... Watch this space.

This is an unsponsored post, I had been given the pillow to review!

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