Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our first time as LolliBoppers! Lollibop review 2013

I just got back from LolliBop! 
J says Lolly Pop 

My feet are crying, not that I walked there but 3 hours on the tube there and back is a massive adventure. I say that loosely as the adventure starts when we arrived at LolliBop. 

I am lucky my boys are used to walking, it took about 15 minutes to walk from Stratford underground station to The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  A little walk pass Westfield Stratford City then we passed The famous Olympic Stadium (we were there just a few weeks back)

We were met and greated by lots of smiley faces. My sons eyes were on stalks darting forward just ready for everything and anything.

We had not been before, I was not too sure what to expect. I had hoped to arrive very early and miss the afternoon rush however we arrived about 11.45 it was very busy however this would not spoil our day.

Today was a real treat for us, we have not had a holiday and I promised my sons as long as they behaved they could choose what they did and where we went.

Lots of mini areas with stands and shows to be seen.  The first request, to get their little faces painted.  They wanted bad piggies and angry birds.  So off we went.  I have never seen so many face painters all at once a huge marque, we queued for no more then 10 minutes.  There was a list of what was possible, no angry birds or bad piggies, we settled for Spiderman & a dinosaur.  The girls worked so fast in transforming my little angels, they both looked so cute afterwards and were really pleased. Now J told me he was ready to party.

J was hellbent in making a beeline for the Skylanders arena (not really in the party mood then), it was fairly big arena with a lots of demo stations for the name game; Skylanders Swap Force. However it being so busy, lots of adults as well as kids playing, my sons could not get a look in at the game.

I could hear Justin Fletcher in the back ground, grabbed my sons and tired to catch the main man in action.  Ever since my boys started watching telly, Justin has been in there lives.  Mr Tumble is a family favourite even thou J is 5 he still stops whatever he is doing watches Mr Tuumbbble.
Justin was awesome, his show was none stop, singing songs, packed with my little giggles and lots of actions songs for the little ones to join in with.  I am totally impressed.  Best of all my boys loved it they forgot how shy they were and sang the hokey pokey and heads, shoulders, knees and toes to name a few.  Justin was full of energy from start to finish. 

Now for something unusual the Transformers Optimus Prime Truck, there was a large queue, I did not even know what it was for. The team were very organised and explained that no transformers would be there, we will have our photo taken with a Transformers backdrop that will be emailed to us.  I hope it arrives soon, it going to make a wonderful souvenir.

I was given my marching orders back to Skylanders as J is determined to have a go of Skylanders swap force.  Yay with a little patience he gets his turn, now playing, liking and not wanting to leave.  Why do little boys get sucked in so fast.  His little brother manages to play too, he's only 3, cant play for toffee and being a caring mommy its only fare I step up to help.  He He I'm so naughty, yes it was me hogging the controller.  The new game is great, I loved the swap factor, interchangeable characters swapping the heads and legs, making new characters.  This is on my Christmas list - Hope you can hear me Santa, I have been good this year. Otherwise the release date is the 18th October available on pre-order with Game 

A few pointers I noticed with the new game, if you already have a collection of characters from the  original game and Skylanders Giants they will work in Skylanders swap force so will the portal.  Thats great news you can buy the game and new characters only.  Also your collection of old characters and new ones they will all  have the ability to JUMP! The new game feels and looks so fluid it's much faster, the graphics look brilliant too.

There were lots of stalls selling all sorts, snacks, toys, posters.  We looked and brought posters and bubble guns! Ha ha

There were plenty of activity and music centres, things to get our little munchkins creative and have a bop, shame neither of my sons had any interest. I wanted to decorate the Lollibop Banting with Parentdish. I was also desperate to visit Roald Dahl Museum and Storytelling Center tent. I have most of Roald Dahl books and my sons love listening to me reading to them. I could hear a lady talking about sticking a finger in your nose! haha She had my attention sadly not my sons, they wanted to run about and play.

The WOW Toys were visited a few times by us, very nice play tables they had no horrible queues. Toys without batteries that can play forever, bright and colour, they have a lovely range for all ages, cars, rockets with cute little people.

My youngest, L wanted to play with other kids in the little play houses, I never knew until today how much he enjoyed these play houses.

There was so much going on, so much to see, plenty of characters to look out for and if you saw a crowd of people there was something happening.  A huge audience with Katy Ashworth, dads can cook, a great and fun way to embarrass your old man. Mash them bananas daddy and wiggle that booty! I laughed at that. Congratulations Katy hope baby comes soon.

I was very sad to see Peppa Pig in a fenced area.  There was a show but all the little people wanted photos.  I tried to get L's photo taken and people keep pushing in, its was the only place I saw parents/adults getting irate, which is a shame as their are children everywhere.  In my opinion it was not organised well, I think they should of had a queuing area for photos one at a time.  Little ones LOVE Peppa and there was no George, boo  L said. Who was a dinosaur.

The Shaun the sheep chamionsheeps area was empty when we arrived, I would of love my boys to have a turn but, later in the day the queue was very big and I was personally fed-up with queuing at that point.  

As the afternoon wore on I could not believe the time 4.30pm! My mind wanted to stay until the end (so did my boys) however my poor feet were whispering lets go home.  

All in all we had a lovely day, my sons had an amazing day.  They were still buzzing with excitement on the tube home.  I had to take away their bubble guns as now being a annoying.

WE very much look forward to next year. I would say it would be better to go with a group of friends as its easier to please everyone.  I bought food there which was not expensive but it was great food.  If I took a picnic we could of eaten it on the meadow and shared it with friends it would had been nicer.

The tickets cost £23.50 person child and adults alike, I actual thought that was over priced, I would say £15 would be more reasonable.  

Thanks Lollibop we really enjoyed it, I wish there were more hours in the day.
Fingers crossed I hope to see you next year!
L has not stopped talking about Titan, so cool, bigger then daddy

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This is a unsponsored post, just wanted to let everyone know what a fun time we had!

 If you went let me know what you thought

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