Monday, 5 August 2013

Organix Goodies Review, Soft Oaty Bars, Squeezies, Number Jumble Cereal

I was lucky enough to be asked review a lovely stack of Organix Goodies.  
This is their new RANGE!  

Being a parent I am really conscience what I feed my children.  Since my sons were born, I had made all their juices fresh and followed Annabel Karmel for recipes and tips for health menus.   
My eldest son would had been almost 3 when my sister suggested Organix Goodies. With big eyes I remember giving her the look, you know the look, the one which is disapproving! Ha ha to her satisfaction she showed me this brand has a NO JUNK policy.  

Well from that moment forward, my life become so much easier.  Organix Goodies should stand out from other brands, they have an enormous range of delicious ORGANIC toddler foods, their promise is their foods are made specially with lots of tasty goodness for your little ones tummies

Our No junk promise means you can trust all our food contains no added salt, processed sugars or any nasty additives and to make things easier for you we make sure all our foods have a simple ingredients list so you know exactly what’s in the food (and what’s not!) 

This is the delightful hamper of Organix Goodies sent me; 


Number Jumble Cereal - Rasberry 
Squeezies - Mango & Apple
Squeezies - Strawberry & Apple 
Soft Oaty Bars - Strawberry & Apple
Soft Oaty Bars - Apricot 
Squeezy Tubes - Strawberry & Pear 
Squeezy Tubes - Mango & Pear
Fruit Gummies - Strawberry & Apple
Fruit Gummies - Mango & Apple 
Raisins & chopped Apples 
Raisins & chopped Apricots

Soft Oaty Bars  
(from 12+ months)

First out of the box the Soft Oaty Bars. These are a great healthy snack, inbetween meals or as part of my sons pack lunch.  Being honest I absolutely loves these (that's right ME!!).  They are packed full of flavour, not too chewy and really filling for little tummies, they smells really fruity too. My youngest would eat an entire box if possible. 
These bar contain a blend of organic wholegrain oats, raisins, organic fruit juices 100% NO JUNK

 (from 12+ months)

 These are awesome. My youngest son is a big fan of the new flavours, I have been packing them in his pack lunch and he has been reminding me to keep one in my bag for outings.  Best of all they are packed with fruit. Great for thirsty little people and can be eaten everywhere, no mess, no spoons, sucked straight out of the packet.

Number Jumble Cereal  
(from12+ months)

Something NEW for us! Number Jumble
My youngest loves it!

Can be eaten without milk he told me! He likes to take all the numbers and count them.  I think he has just as much fun playing and counting as eating.

  I am really happy he is enjoying eating this, no sugar or salt, a mild fruity flavoured multigrain cereal with added vitamin B.  It's a really healthy breakfast. For me its really important my sons eat breakfast every day, the healthier the better. 

I am pleased to say the Goodies Gang have done them selves proud. Tasty foods and snacks, healthy too.  The packaging is spot on, bold and bright. Some of the boxes have activities for our little ones to keep themselves occupied.
All products can be purchased at all major supermarkets.  

The fun doesn't stop there. Keep a look out for promotion packs, every promotional pack will win a prize.  To participate, purchase a promotional pack of Organix Goodies, visit Our Facebook Page before 11.59pm on 30th November 2013 and enter the unique code found on the inside of the promotional packs and leave your contact details to reveal your reward

There are some fantastic prizes on offer including a family holiday (2 adults & 2 children) to Lapland.  Head over to the Facebook Page  for all the details and check out their Activity Sheets for summer holiday entertainment

If your a social media nut; follow them on Twitter account

I have been given these products to review,  these are my honest options, with a little help from my kids!.

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