Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy little Scoffers! Real Ready made children's meals, Miniscoff Review

I had a very healthy up bringing.  I grew up right in the heart of West London, Fulham, 2 minutes walk away from North End Road Market.  My mum would bring home bags of fresh produce, she does not believe in junk food, fast foods, ready made meals. It would be a rare thing to have frozen chips or a tin of Heinz soup. 

I remember my childminder, she would feed me all types of packet foods, that would annoy my mum.  But life can be challenging and not everyone can cook or has time on their hands.  Over the last 30 years life styles have changed both parents are working longer hours and lets not forget the invention of the microwave.   Conveniences is key! However there has been a dramatic turnaround, we are a Nation of healthier eaters. People are living longer, everyone appears to be watching their weight, counting calories and most of all everyone is wanting the best for their children.  
We are environmentally conscience, wanting locally sourced produce, organic foods and fresh.

So it gives me great pleasure to introduce Miniscoff!!!

Miniscoff's is an award winning ready hand made meals and sauces for children.

Food Facts:

What they use!

100% organic ingredients
(approved by the Soil Association; this organic standard is among the highest in the world )

  • Premium cut meats from only the best British producers
  • Locally sourced vegetables wherever possible
  • ALL the love and attention you'd put in if you made it yourself
This is all real food, NO preservatives, NO artificial additives, NO JUNK!

Miniscoff pride themselves from start to finish, their dishes are cooked in small batches, by actual people >> chefs NOT machines. As soon as the food is cooked its frozen, this lock in the goodness, keeping the meals fresh, the flavour & texture true to a home made cooked meal!

I have to say the food is dynamite; the very first thing I noticed as soon as I slide the dishes out of their boxes is the immaculate presentation, it looks like I've cooked it even thou its frozen. The pasta dishes looks fantastic, the rice dishes look tasty, the potato dishes look fresh.  The portion sizes are perfect for little tummies.

The same as the majority of ready meals, Miniscoff can be heated up in the oven or mircowave.  I use the oven method, I do not own a microwave.  The cooking instructions are easy to follow. Most dishes are ready to eat in 25 minutes. (or 6 mins pinged in the mircowave)

The packaging is bright and clear, catches my attention and my little people are very curious by the cute imagines on the boxes.

I'm amazed is the ingredients! Its reads like its been cooked at home. No E numbers, only real food and seasoning.


Miniscoff have a fabulous range of ready meals.          
These are cute catching little names, that children remember.  I was sent a lovely selection of meals.
Ali Baba's Shepherd's Pie & Salmon Ocean Pie, Curly Wurly Chicken & Broccoli Bills Pie, Creamy Salmon Pasta & Chilli Yum Yum.

I tasted each of the dishes, they all had tasted delicious, light in seasoning. The mash potato dishes smooth and fluffy, the salmon pie has a good few massive pieces of salmon, really creamy sauce.  Broccoli Bills Pie has a fantastic cheesy creamy sauce with nice pieces of fresh broccoli. The meat dishes have a smooth texture, all easy to eat not lumpy. 

I have two happy mini customers which I'm delighted with.  I know I can buy a ready made meals that are freshly made, organic, healthy, taste great, that my boys really enjoy, no preparation to prepare and ready to eat in no more the 6 minutes (microwaved)

What are you waiting for? Kids, mummies & daddies will SCOFF the lot! 

These meals can be found in stores however they can be delivered via Ocado being charged at a very reasonable £3.50 per meal. This may seem more expensive then other brands but remember this is real, quality British produce, meals! 

I would like to thanks Shoo & Angus Oliphant the founders of Miniscoff a super wife & husband team who know how to look after our kiddies tummies

This is an unsponsored I was given the meals to review, these are my honest opinions

Thank you for you reading!

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