Monday, 29 July 2013

Slumberdown Travel memory foam neck pillow Review

The sun has got it hat on! Hip Hip Horray!  Little people have broken up for their Summer Holidays
Most families will be travelling, be it locally, internationally or even Worldwide.  What does everyone want to do on holiday!!! REST, RELAX & HOPEFULLY SLEEP WELL. Going on holiday should be a complete package of wellness.

I have been testing The memory foam neck travel pillow from;

Slumberdown Travel Neck Pillow

Generally I'm not a fan of The Travel Pillow, I find them fairly bulky and uncomfortable.

However when I first tried on the Slumberdown Travel pillow, it did not feel thick enough, I even got my dad to try it. (Big man, massive neck) He said the same.

Much to my delight once settled in sleeping position (On my sofa, lying down). I found the fit very comfortable. I slept on my back and side. The Travel Pillow just followed me as I twisting around in my sleep.  No other pillows used. 

Verdict: Really comfortable, slept sound. The pillow cupped my neck and supported my head and next at all times.   

I also got my dad to try it, he slept upright head back.  He snored my frontroom down.
His verdict: Liked it very much, his neck did not ache. He explained his head stayed in position and didn't slip from side to side, he felt well rested after his nap.

The overall appearance is nothing special.  However it's made from a memory form, so maybe best not to share once used regularly it will cushion your head perfectly, remembering the contours of your neck and head.

In all honestly I'll give it 10/10.  No complaints whatsoever.  Well apart from my sons want to use it all the time.

Its easy to wash with a washable cover.

Currently Super Stores of Tesco have a special deal £5 from 29th July - 7 August reduced from £10.  Thereafter it will be £10. So I recommend be quick and buy now, grab a bargain.  Great for travelling and home use alike.

My dad promptly left my house and purchased one! Very good deal indeed. 

Slumberdown has a mass of products are on their website or look them up on Facebook or Twitter.  
I am part of the Slumberdown Panel of mums. I have been given this product to review, all words are my own.

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