Thursday, 18 July 2013


I haven't had my dog for long, just over a year now.  Last year wasn't too hot however this year we're having a proper HEATWAVE. I have noticed how tired my dog gets. He'll pull me all the way to park but once there he's too knackered for his usually games! 

But to be honest it feels like a crime to take him for a walk but again its criminal not to take him out.

Dog walking tips:
My top tips for keeping your four legged friend a tad cooler!

1) Walk them early and late in the day, missing 12p - 3p when the sun is at it hottest

2) If possible wet your dog prior walking (I soak my dog in the garden with the hose, he doesn't like it but I dont care) He dries off so fast

3) Take water with you. I carry a massive bottle of water and plastic bowl.  (I am surprised at the amount of water my dog will drink)  I keep wetting his head, neck and back while we're out too

3) Walk them in the shade where possible

4) Lots of our dogs enjoy a great game of catch. I would advice this is not a good idea. My Dog would run until he drops down dead.  Just let them walk at your pace

5) Take them where they can get to water maybe even ha s a splosh about, to a River, Canal (Where its safe for everyone)  

6) If your dog keeps hiding in the shade, lying down, take them home, they have had enough  

Keep your dog safe and happy

If you have any tips, please let me know!


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