Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holiday Habits from Moneysupermarket.com

An insight into what Joe Bloggers and family Holiday Habits are, from how much an average spend per person, too whats their favourite gadget to take away!

MoneySupermarket surveyed 100 top Blogger, from all over the Nation to see what Habits they have!

Battle of the sexes women said '4% of men drink far too much on holiday'  I agree to that!

Men ideally would like Holly Willoughby to be there travel companion, funny women didn't all jump up and want Phillip Schofield as theirs.

Check out this infographics;
Some very interesting figures! Talking of figures, most people do a preholiday diet! I'm not surprised at that find either!

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

Happy holiday Reading

Let me know if you agree with the results.

I'm delighted to say I took part in this survey; this is a sponsored post.