Saturday, 20 July 2013

Braintree 2013 collection #BtreeStyleComp

Braintree 2013 collection

Rania Rook Tunic - £49.90

I adore this cute little outfit I put together. I plan to travel as far as London in these summer months, I may do a spot of shopping and I hope to see the sights but I want to look the business while I'm there.

All the pieces make an individual statement and can be dressed-up but put them together its a collaboration of fashion screaming, I want to go out and show off! I'm relaxed but have a style and want to shin in the sun! 

Best of all the majority of the clothes & jewellery come from ethnic resources. The materials are mostly Hemp and Organic Cottons. The Brass Drop Necklace & Nungunugu Hoop earrings pieces I have chosen come from Kenya, they have been hand crafted from recycled brass, both gorgeous and complimentary.

My absolute favourite is the Rania Rook Tunic dress, its looks delightful, the paisley design is eye catching, its  stunning, worn alone or teamed up with the Bamboo Basic Leggings & Tallowood Throw cardigan looks just as pretty, the cardigan gathers at the back with a waterfall effect.  

Braintree have gorgeous clothes for both women & men; Happy Shopping;

This is my submission for the Feel Good Fashion Blogger Competition #BtreeStyleComp details found here Braintreeclothing Competition

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