Monday, 29 July 2013

Slumberdown Travel memory foam neck pillow Review

The sun has got it hat on! Hip Hip Horray!  Little people have broken up for their Summer Holidays
Most families will be travelling, be it locally, internationally or even Worldwide.  What does everyone want to do on holiday!!! REST, RELAX & HOPEFULLY SLEEP WELL. Going on holiday should be a complete package of wellness.

I have been testing The memory foam neck travel pillow from;

Slumberdown Travel Neck Pillow

Generally I'm not a fan of The Travel Pillow, I find them fairly bulky and uncomfortable.

However when I first tried on the Slumberdown Travel pillow, it did not feel thick enough, I even got my dad to try it. (Big man, massive neck) He said the same.

Much to my delight once settled in sleeping position (On my sofa, lying down). I found the fit very comfortable. I slept on my back and side. The Travel Pillow just followed me as I twisting around in my sleep.  No other pillows used. 

Verdict: Really comfortable, slept sound. The pillow cupped my neck and supported my head and next at all times.   

I also got my dad to try it, he slept upright head back.  He snored my frontroom down.
His verdict: Liked it very much, his neck did not ache. He explained his head stayed in position and didn't slip from side to side, he felt well rested after his nap.

The overall appearance is nothing special.  However it's made from a memory form, so maybe best not to share once used regularly it will cushion your head perfectly, remembering the contours of your neck and head.

In all honestly I'll give it 10/10.  No complaints whatsoever.  Well apart from my sons want to use it all the time.

Its easy to wash with a washable cover.

Currently Super Stores of Tesco have a special deal £5 from 29th July - 7 August reduced from £10.  Thereafter it will be £10. So I recommend be quick and buy now, grab a bargain.  Great for travelling and home use alike.

My dad promptly left my house and purchased one! Very good deal indeed. 

Slumberdown has a mass of products are on their website or look them up on Facebook or Twitter.  
I am part of the Slumberdown Panel of mums. I have been given this product to review, all words are my own.

All feed-back welcome.

Thank you

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Braintree 2013 collection #BtreeStyleComp

Braintree 2013 collection

Rania Rook Tunic - £49.90

I adore this cute little outfit I put together. I plan to travel as far as London in these summer months, I may do a spot of shopping and I hope to see the sights but I want to look the business while I'm there.

All the pieces make an individual statement and can be dressed-up but put them together its a collaboration of fashion screaming, I want to go out and show off! I'm relaxed but have a style and want to shin in the sun! 

Best of all the majority of the clothes & jewellery come from ethnic resources. The materials are mostly Hemp and Organic Cottons. The Brass Drop Necklace & Nungunugu Hoop earrings pieces I have chosen come from Kenya, they have been hand crafted from recycled brass, both gorgeous and complimentary.

My absolute favourite is the Rania Rook Tunic dress, its looks delightful, the paisley design is eye catching, its  stunning, worn alone or teamed up with the Bamboo Basic Leggings & Tallowood Throw cardigan looks just as pretty, the cardigan gathers at the back with a waterfall effect.  

Braintree have gorgeous clothes for both women & men; Happy Shopping;

This is my submission for the Feel Good Fashion Blogger Competition #BtreeStyleComp details found here Braintreeclothing Competition

All comments welcome 
Lucy x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Get your sunnies on! pret a voir Review

The last few days have been a amazing! The sun has been shining, everyone is smiling, most kids are about to start the School holidays. So for most families its time to Jet Off on their Summer holiday!!!

However for the last 6 days, the UK has been having a heatwave topping the charts with an average of 30 degrees in London! Its not stopping there, keeping my eye on the weather forecast we are expecting a few more hot days, it will be scorching hot. This is the hottest July we have had since 1905.  Everyone rocking short shorts, vest tops and flip flop, maxi dresses, its lovely to see, bright colours on show but most importantly everyone is rocking out with SUNGLASSES!

Its so bright without them, definitely a must for everyone.  I have come across plenty of Sunglasses in my lifetime and finding the right ones can be hard, I tend to op for oversize frames, these suit my face the most.

pret a voir are online leaders, selling stylish Glasses at competitive prices. Glasses of all styles from many of the top designers, suiting any budget.
Their site is super easy to navigate with a magnitude of Frames, Sunglasses & Goggles.

Search by brand, sex, price range, even frame types and size.

I really love their site, I was browsing for hours. They have so many styles on offer and most importantly great clear photos.

If I needed reading glasses these would be my favorites:
Stella McCartney SM2004 Taupe Gradient 2070

If you require glasses they offer;

Their Sunglasses range THEY HAVE 1000's to choose from; 

They sell the following lenses too:

Photochromic lenses; these darken on exposure to specific types of light, most commonly ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Once the light source is removed (for example by walking indoors), the lenses will gradually return to their clear state.

Polarised lenses; Most tinted lenses will provide some absorption to dampen brightness, but only a polarised lens can effectively eliminate blinding glare. What causes glare? 
Like these Ray Ban 3490 006/9a

If I could have any Sunglasses from their site, I would of chosen these: Prada 12OS My dream sunglasses, beautiful lines, clean cut, so elegant any fashionista would adore them! 

These Prada Sunglasses are very elegant, they would suit smart day wear, casual and holiday wear. Lucky for me, I did get some beautiful Sunglasses to review; I was sent a gorgeous pair of Oakley Sunglasses. 

They are really similar to the Prada Sunglasses, still fantastic quality, but more affordable to my budget.  Nevertheless, Sunglasses are very personal, if looked after they can last for years.  I recommend you treat yourself to the best ones you can afford.  

For the last few days I have been wearing my new Sunglasses. They are fantastic, perfect fit, they have a black grey gradient lenses.  I can see out crystal clear and people looking at me cant really see my eyes! Hee Hee lucky I'm not a massive perv!

These have been designed by Cala Koopman, her signature range has lovely artistry on the inside of one of the arms, bright & funky.  With a combination Oakley technology these lenses have a great UV protection
They came in a fantastic box and a little funky sleeve, really glamorous. 

If you are looking for good designer glasses, either frames and/or sunglasses I highly recommend
pret a voir

Which sunglasses do you like?

If you would like to keep up to date with pret a voir, they can also be found on;
Twitter @Pretavoir & Facebook Pretavoir

Shipped Worldwide with free shipping to the UK residents! Also if you are unhappy they will  process an exchange or return within 7 days of receipt of your order. 

This is an unsponsored post. 


I haven't had my dog for long, just over a year now.  Last year wasn't too hot however this year we're having a proper HEATWAVE. I have noticed how tired my dog gets. He'll pull me all the way to park but once there he's too knackered for his usually games! 

But to be honest it feels like a crime to take him for a walk but again its criminal not to take him out.

Dog walking tips:
My top tips for keeping your four legged friend a tad cooler!

1) Walk them early and late in the day, missing 12p - 3p when the sun is at it hottest

2) If possible wet your dog prior walking (I soak my dog in the garden with the hose, he doesn't like it but I dont care) He dries off so fast

3) Take water with you. I carry a massive bottle of water and plastic bowl.  (I am surprised at the amount of water my dog will drink)  I keep wetting his head, neck and back while we're out too

3) Walk them in the shade where possible

4) Lots of our dogs enjoy a great game of catch. I would advice this is not a good idea. My Dog would run until he drops down dead.  Just let them walk at your pace

5) Take them where they can get to water maybe even ha s a splosh about, to a River, Canal (Where its safe for everyone)  

6) If your dog keeps hiding in the shade, lying down, take them home, they have had enough  

Keep your dog safe and happy

If you have any tips, please let me know!


Please Retweet this post! Its amazing some people just forget how hot and uncomfortable their dogs can get. Or they have a new pet! 


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holiday Habits from

An insight into what Joe Bloggers and family Holiday Habits are, from how much an average spend per person, too whats their favourite gadget to take away!

MoneySupermarket surveyed 100 top Blogger, from all over the Nation to see what Habits they have!

Battle of the sexes women said '4% of men drink far too much on holiday'  I agree to that!

Men ideally would like Holly Willoughby to be there travel companion, funny women didn't all jump up and want Phillip Schofield as theirs.

Check out this infographics;
Some very interesting figures! Talking of figures, most people do a preholiday diet! I'm not surprised at that find either!

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

Happy holiday Reading

Let me know if you agree with the results.

I'm delighted to say I took part in this survey; this is a sponsored post.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Bloggers Block

I've had a massive break from writing! 

Not because I want too... I've had a serious case of writers block. I've stacks of reviews piling up, topics rattly in my head.  I just haven't been able to forms the words, sentences to make any sense!

I keep starting things and can't finish them!

Why does this happen? I have no idea. I'm guessing its normal.  I'm not a natural writer, it takes my ages to put pen to paper.  

I'm blaming the HOT WEATHER or maybe I'm just lame!

Watch this space.... I havent forgotten you, thanks for listening...

I'm deep in thought!  

Any ideas to help me!!! Please do tell :D