Sunday, 2 June 2013

ZAGGORA AMBASSADORS Meet-up! Whats happening!

Today I had the honour to meet up with ZAGGORA in their new offices just off Oxford Street.
I arrived early and was met by the lovely Malcolm & Dessi inventor and founder of Hotpants.

Back in June/July 2011 Hotpants were new on the scene. Social media went crazy for them. Everyone talking, tweeting, blogging and doing their 2 week challenge.
Including myself, hence why I love them so much, they really do work. 
Zarroga very cleverly asked REAL women to try and testing them out. Log what they did over 2 weeks and share their results.  Lots of people joining in to do the two week challenge. 
For 6 months only the Original Hotpants were available in 4 sizes.
Like any company Zaggora wants to grow. They have been fantastic, listening to feedback from consumers, always checking back what the ladies needs and wants even desires would be, anywhere for improvement their there.

Then came the Capri, Flares & Nude Hotpants, soon released The Hot Tops and Hot Blazers.
Then they introduced the Viva hotpants, 5 vibrant colours, low waisted. These sell very well. Made in a slighter thinner materials but having the same heating affect.
Anyone who is a avid fan will remember a competition they hosted, colour/design hotpants and hot tops and blazers.  This really generated some awesome designs. Really expanding new colours, styles, giving them an insight to what the consumer would want to wear.
More then two years down the line they have Hotpants, hot tops, blazers, Viva Hot pants, comfortable & cool tops, body-care & cellulite treatment creams, wash bags. Dessi tries to make all the great ideas possible and the ideas keep rolling in.
Dessi explained what's in the pipeline. Man's gear. Wooohooo Sweat jackets, The Hot Blazer for men. These look awesome, they even have been made with recyclable product (eco friendly) they have a built in cool system and deodorising material built in, great for sweaty men. Zaggora worked with Boxers and got an interesting of what men really needed from a sweat Jacket.  These jacket's are longer keeping the heat trapped in, ensure the muscles are kept warm very handy for training. Also boxers & a lot of martial arts experts & competitors need to rapidly reduce weight before a fight. These jackets will work a treat for speedy weightloss. So look out in September they should be available.

Dessi always asked what changes/features we'd like to have on any of the gear... Zaggora always ask what we like/need want from the Zaggora ranges. 
It seems the waist on the Viva pants are cut a too low, for the bigger buttom women, consumers asked for higher waistband.  They made Viva Capri pants are available and come in 4 colour's when they first launched, they sold out very fast, they have a higher waistband with another bit of Lycra material that folds/flaps over to cover the tummy area.

They have a dedicated design team, including an in house seamstress. Head of creativity is Erin Donohoe. Zaggora not only want to make hot gear but they want to makes clothes for women that look better then good but awesome, fitness range's that make the wearer feel fantastic, clothing lines that can be woren to do the school run and day to day things activities without having to change in & out of sports wear. Its great to see mood boards, with tons of  inspirations.

Zaggora most definitely is a Global organisation with consumers all over the world, we are all different shapes and sizes.  They are going concentrating on making plus sizes 18-28 and catering for different body shapes? Apple, Pear, Column. So every wearer will look and feel comfortable while training.

Zaggora now wants to embrace its wearers and an app will be introduced for meals plans and exercise routines, turning the 2 week challenge to a more fun, recordable, progressive system.

Simon Stallone, Web Designer has been working hard, making the site cleaner & clearer to use and I'm guessing ensuring the branded logos are all in the right places. The site can be accessed on all levels, tablets, phones and PCs.   Also in the next coming weeks and months, the website will change a little from time to time with improvement also a Pinterest button & I LOVE IT button are going to be added. The I love it Button will let the user store all their favourite Zaggora products ready to purchase at a couple of clicks. Also in the future then user chooses a product a list of items that compliment the item you've chosen will appear to making it a complete outfit.  Really handy if you need help choosing.

Zaggora is changing, everyday, ever changing and always thinking of its customers.  More news, as an Ambassador I maybe coming to your house to host a Zaggora party? Watch this space.

Currently all products can be purchased online, also with an option for next day delivery. There are only two UK outlets; King's Road Sporting Club and as of tomorrow Selfridges will have a pop-up store.


I had a fantastic morning. I came home with a few goodies, The new style Atomica Hotpants & The Slouchy Black Both thrilled to bits. Also tubes of Svelt Melt™& Motion Lotion, I'm really unfamiliar with the cream/lotion, this is something I will need to investigate more and explain more at a later date. 

This week hasn't been a great week of exercise, I've been really busy with half term but I'm feeling really motivated, more then I have been all year.  I'm really looking forward to getting fitter and active and wearing all my Zaggora clothes.   

A few snaps of my day! 

I had a fab day and it was lovely to see and meet new Ambassadors! 
#LetGetFit  #ZaggoraAmBassadors 

These are my own words!