Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Whats in your Handbag? Actually whats in my Handbag?

To be honest I have bags for different occasions.  I'm guessing so do most people! Yep! I even mean you... Mister with your MAN Bag!

Money Supermarket are running another excellent competition (details here)
The prize is a Mulberry Bayswater, phone case & purse.  

This is my dream bag, It screams out Sophistication, LOVE MY HANDLES & CURVES, its so me.  Its an elegant bag, all my bags lady possessions would dive bomb inside of it, they would never look back!
I used to put the World in my handbag, purse, keys, phone, books, make-up bag, hairbrush, mirror (sounding vain), a copy of Metro & a few mags, massive tub of Vaseline, handcreams, flyers, walkman, chewing gums, lighter. Not to mention all the bits of paper and receipts floating around.
Then I had KIDS!
Oh my handbag has changed:

I try to carry the essentials, including toys & a spare nappy, underground map and my little moo cards, these are so handy.   

I really like this competition as I'm a nosy parker! I'm sure no-one will find my bag that interesting. However when I were a little girl, 10ish.  I used to take my pet rabbit out to the local park, I carried Rocky, in my first handbag, it was a canvas satchel an old handbag from my older sister.

If you decided to join in, let me know, I'd love to see whats in your handbag! Good luck 

So whats on my bag
Hulk toy £25
Packet of dog treats £3
Mavala Hand Cream £7
Ren Hydra Day Cream £27
packet of tissues 50p
Revlon Mascara £10
 Bourjois Lip liner £3 
Bodyshop lip balm £4
Rodial Glamstick £16
My LED mirror £10
Denman Pink Zebra Hairbrush £8.70
Fendi Sun Glasses £150
Leather & Cord Purse £25
Coin purse £5
Moo Cards £10
Oyster Card £15
Tube map free
Bubble gum free
#SecretSession pass - Priceless
My lucky ducky - £6
Mango Bag £45

Grand total £370 

WOW I'm really shocked
I didn't even add the money in my purse, nor my keys, phone or house key

Its amazing how all the little things add-up. Make-up & creams do cost a far bit!