Sunday, 9 June 2013

SLUMBERDOWN All Seasons 13.5 tog duvet Review... for a sound quality SLEEP all year round & Take a Break COMPETITION

Much to my delighted I have been selected by Slumberdown the bedding company as one of their Panel of mums!  I'm super excited as I will get to test products first hand.  I shall be giving you my thoughts and honest options.
First a little history lesson, incase you are not familiar with them. Slumberdown our big in the British bedding industry, they have been manufacturing & selling high quality bedding, pillows, duvets and mattress protectors for over 40 years, since 1970 to be exact.
They are now part of The John Cotton Group, whom our a well established business that goes back as far as 1916, The John Cotton Group are the leading manufacturers in Europe, two massive pioneers within the industry, both striving for excellence.
Slumberdown focus on all aspects of performance, from quality, comfort and just as importantly the affordability of their products. They have an assortment of ranges.  Ultrabounce, Anti Allergy, All Seasons.
This is very exciting for me as I'm someone who appreciates a good nights sleep.  However my boyfriend would love a decent nights rest, he sleeps badly. Its either our sons getting in our bed at a silly o'clock or me waking him up. Plus he has to get super early to go to work. Sleep is very important to him, he complains of never having a good nights sleep.

The very kind people at Slumberdown sent me the All Season Double Duvet. Its filled with 100% Hollowfibre, its soft, feels bouncing to the touch. The duvet comes in two parts a 4.5 tog (light, thin = Summer) & 9 tog (much thicker, light too = Spring) each duvet part has large poppet buttons in the corners (together 13.5 =Winter). So the two duvets can be buttoned together.
4.5 Tog Duvet
9 Tog Duvet

My first impressions:
Love the idea of popper buttons
Not so keen on Hollowfibre, I found the 4.5 tog looked very thin

Duvet popped together 13.5 Tog Duvet

Its amazing how many homes only have one duvet all year round, I also found out a few friends & family members keep extra blankets and add them to their beds during the winter months.

Currently I own an all weathers feathered Duck down duvet set. It came with elasticated corners and comes loose within the duvet cover. I stopped using the lighter tog a long time ago (its more of a spare duvet now), I cut off the elasticated corners from it as I believe them to be dangerous for my kid's and dog getting caught around their necks.  This IS NOT a Slumberdown duvet product. 

Putting my new All Seasons to the test: The last few nights we have had warmer weather, so we have been using the lighter 4.5 tog duvet only. It's very light and thin, not puffy but comfortable and surprising warm.  I like that I did not have to kick my feet out of bed to keep me cool. I felt I slept normally.  Its been great for my boyfriend, he actually slept better, he said he did feel so hot nor did I, apparently I burn right up when I'm sleeping (I had no idea) so he was giving me extra cuddles (nice) because I wasn't making him uncomfortable hot.

I really like the style of the Slumberdown duvet as the poppers keep the two duvets together. Most importantly my boyfriend seems more rested. After a week of sleeping with the Duvet. I'm really pleased. This will remain on my bed, until Winter time, then I will double them up.  

Currently Slumberdown has a huge ranged stocked in Argos - SLUMBERDOWN 
Depending of the size the retail price starts from £24.99, Argos are hosting a special on bedding, buy one get one half price. 

Please note all details correct at the time wrote, they are subject to change by retailers.  

4.5 Tog fitted my bed very well! Ted likes it too 

Take a Break Magazine our currently hosting a BEDTASTIC COMPETITION to win 20 SLUMBERDOWN ALL SEASONS 13.5 Tog Duvet sets! Competition ends 10th June.

 Please note these are my honest options, I have not been paid for this post but given a product to write about.