Wednesday, 12 June 2013

READ ALL ABOUT IT, Croxley News, My entry for the Late Rooms competition Near & Far

Being a Londoner I was a nervous moving away from my friends and family, all living local to me. Its so much more then changing jobs but to honest I feel its one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
I moved away from Central London early last year. I now live in beautiful surroundings. In a house (not a flat), thats has a garden (massive bonus).  The local schools are excellent.  Most importantly I have a very HAPPY FAMILY!

I recently came across a competition hosted by to write a Travel Blog. Based on the lines of where you are from or where you live.  So I decided to research my local area.  I went for a massive adventure, camera in hand.  I was fairly familiar with some of the area, but pleasantly surprised with the Croxley's history and some hidden treasures.

So please read my entry!


I recently moved away from Central London, a garden of council estates with a crazy maze of tube delays!
I now live in the polite place of Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Croxley is on the boarders of London with easy access from London via the Metropolitan Line.
Croxley is a quiet, carefree and supremely GREEN!

With many places  interest to see, grab a compass, your walking boots and let me tell you about Croxley Green.

Croxley Mill was built in 1830 adjacent to the Grand Union Canal, built by the paper manufacturer John Dickinson. The Paper Mill created work for the local community. Dickinson continued developing the local area, building homes for the workers on Dickinson Square, these houses still remain, beautiful terrace homes. The Mill no longer stands, in its place a new building, Scotsbridge Mill Pub, a Riverside establishment, standing firm & mighty just off the main road. looking over The River Chess.

Scotsbridge Mill
The surrounding location is breathtaking, rolling fields leading all the way up to the Village Green. The people of Croxley are very proud, in 2008 residents acquired successful “village green” status. The Green is under 2 miles long, its one of the longest Greens in South East England. Every year the Revels is hosted there, a traditional event for all the residents having a fun family day out, even a traditional Maypole will be there, local organisations, clubs, societies, schools & businesses unite, with stalls, shows, entertainment and the Carnival procession.

There are a few Grade II listed buildings, one being the Windmill build in 1860, its currently hidden away in Windmill Drive surround by houses & blossom trees. The Windmill has its own residents now looking rather regale, looking down on everyone.

The Windmill
Even older is the famous Great Barn, built by the Abbot John paying a fine sum of 100 marks (about £66) built sometime between 1396 and 1401. The Barn is situated in Croxley Hall Farm its very modest looking, surrounded by a farm house, its grand but fragile. In 2002/3 is was placed on English Heritage ‘Buildings at Risk Register. It needs plenty of work to restore it, im astonished how old it is.
Five minutes away we are on the Grand Union Canal, at Croxley’s lowest point, Croxley Common Moor lays awaiting, 100 acres of wildlife, its very peaceful there, great for walking, running, bird watching.

The Great Barn
Croxley Hall Farm

The Grand Canal is lovely walk, in all weather, ducks, geese and swans can be seen dive bombing The River Chess. An array of Canal boats docking, some staying for the night, also residents live, there’s small boats, long boats, narrow boats & chunky boats, the river people are friendly and occasional funky. Walking, taking in the scenery is delightful, colourful. On route you’ll pass beautiful lock houses all different from the last, a coffee shop and the Aquadrome, the Nature Reserve with Fishing lakes, Wind surfing, Kayaking, always something to do. A place for families and friends to embrace.

The Grand Union Canal

Lock House

The Aquadrome
Kayaking at the Aquadrome
Croxley is not all about nature, there’s Rickmansworth High street, all the local branded shops paraded together, looking modern, small and graceful, not out of place. If you fancy big and busy then a 30 minute bus ride away, will have you in Watford Town Center.

The Coach and Horses
All this talk of walking, I’m thirsty, I’m popping into the Coach & Horses for a cold one. One of the oldest Public houses just off Rickmansworth High Street, the building dates back to the 16th Century. Steeped in history, it has large wooden beams, chunky red bricks & brass panels everywhere. Quiet in the day heaving on weekend.
I’m home in Croxley.

Here are a few more photo's! 

One of the lock houses
Stockers Farm 
House on the Canal
Chess Wier Labyrinth
The Grand Union Canal

Ebury House
Grand union Canal

Well I never won, but the winners are very worthy: Laterooms Near & Far Winners

To be honest it gave me great pleasure writing about Croxley, it such a beautiful village, I even managed to get my boyfriend to join me for my adventure. He grew-up in Rickmansworth and his family all born in Croxley.  Surprisingly he had never seen the Windmill nor the Great Barn before, we had a great day investigating all the sights.