Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pebble Grey Review, Mirror Heaven

I came across the most useful mirror I've even seen. So I am sharing my little find with you.
This mirror has 6 little LED lights, when its opened, it lights up. WOW I can see everything, EVEN IN THE DARK

Being a girl I am always inspecting my face, spots, lines, unwanted hairs. Also my brows are always being attacked with my trusted tweezers.  So to be able to see my face clearly any time of day and night, this little mirror is a DREAM. I love that the light bounces off one mirror to the other mirror helping the user look around corners/sides of my face and lights up the sides very effectively.

I highly recommend it. These are being sold by Pebble Grey, online for a mere £9.99, reduced from £14.99. Bargain I think. Pebble Grey Cosmetic Mirror

Surprising Pebble Grey is not a gift company or gadget company. They sale illuminated Bathroom & Cabinets lights.  All different sizes, styles and prices to suit all budgets. Also sold are a delightful range of Bathroom Accessories

Its come in really handy too if you cant find something in your bag! 

Bang its all illuminated JUST LIKE THAT!

 I haven't been sponsored for the post. I just love this cute little mirror!