Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lumie Clear, Acne light treatment, Review Part one... Who wantes clear skin?

I'm am very fortunate to be testing the Lumia Clear.
Whats that? 
This is a small light unit, it kills bacteria (mostly the cause of acne) Reduces inflammation and heals the skin.
In clinical trials, over 12 weeks of daily use, the light treatment has improved the users overall skin by 76% less inflamed and 58% clearer skin. (Br J Dermatol 2000 May)

I personal do not have acne but  in general I have very bad skin. I get spots all over my face, I have very sensitive skin too, my cheeks and the area around my nose tends to be red, my blemish easily. I have a lot of spot scaring.

For my quest for a newer improved me.  I shall be putting the Lumie Clear to the test.  It would be nice for once in my life to have clear looking skin.   As I'm getting older it seems to be getting worst not better.  

The Lumia Clear has two coloured light beams.  A red light, which is anti-inflammatory also a blue light anti-bacterial, using the combination of red & blue 45 small LED lights, the light therapy studies have shown this as a safe and effective treatment for acne. 

The top can easily detach from the base. Depending where you want it to work and how far from the skin you use it, determines how long it can be use.

Distance - Recommended Treatment time
Skin Contact - 15min/day
10cm/4in - 30min/day
20cm/8in - 60min/day
30cm/12in - 120min/day

I am using it directly on my skin, so it can only be used for 15 minutes. There is a built in 15 minute safely timer, it switches off the device. If you require a longer time just turn it on again Now this is the first time Im using the Lumie Clear. It feels warm against my cheek but nothing more. Im having to use it in sections to be able to completely covering all the affected areas. All together to cover my chin & cheeks ares it takes an hour, daily.
So please bear with me, I will show you results weekly.

Please note I have been given the Lumie Clear to test.