Saturday, 22 June 2013

How does our Garden grow for BritMums #KidsGrowWild Challenge Money


Britmums & Moneysupermarket for put together another exciting competition for us parents and our little people to have some family funtime together and make the most of spending time outside.
Me and my boys do spend a lot of outside, mostly dog walking and with their demands to go the park. However up until recently we did not have much use of our lawn.   

My Old Garden
For almost a year I have had my garden lawn shielded with a massive net going around it, as we have been trying our hardest to get the lawn to grow.  A few weeks ago (for my birthday) the shield finally came down! Yay!!! The lawn does look better, its still patchy in places but definitely an improvement.  My boys bless them have only been used to playing on the paved stones.  So they were delighted to have so much space.

The Money Supermarket challenge #KidsGrowWild Challenge
A lovely kids gardening set arrived
A canvas bag 
a watering can
 fork, spade, gloves
3 packets of seeds:
Polly Panses
Pretty Flower Family 
We had brought 3 Flower Pots and bag of Soil

When I asked would they like to pot some flowers & we could watch them grow, they were amused by the task by fighting over all the goodies sent my Money!

Having two boys they love DIGGING & WATERING 
So potting would be great fun

We put some stones & pebbles in the bottom of the pots for drainage
Added plenty of soil
the boys forked the surface
added the seeds
added an inch of soil on top
the flatted soil with the spade
and watered

I then put the pots in a sunning spot in our garden 
way from our doggy!

We are looking forward to the flowers growing and will leave up-dates

Thanks Britmums & Money Supermarket We had a lot fun 

Now can you make sure the sun makes an appearance
This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge Money