Monday, 3 June 2013

BlackBerry Presents... Alicia Keys #SecretSession

I couple of nights ago I was lucky enough to attend an EXCLUSIVE event with ALICIA KEYS


I have been listening, singing and dancing to Alicia for at least 10 years! She's amazing, a mega STAR! Songs like WHEN YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE, KARMA & IF I AINT GOT YOU take me to another place in time and put a lump in my throat!

The whole event was very secretive.  I would not now about any thing really until the day it self.  I also had to sign a waver.  So my imaged could be used and all location details remain a secret.

All I knew was the event would be hosted in London and the date, 31th May.  Its all a mystery however our Event has been organised by Blackberry and its all about  on Twitter

So the suspense kicked in over the next coming few days, where am I going, what does this event entail, more or less I have no idea. I'm taking my Niece a HUGE ALICIA FANS. Whom is now asking all sorts of questions, what time is starting, when is it finishing, is she getting any correspondence. I DONT KNOW!!! 

Now our journey begins... I met my niece at the O2, Greenwich for after 10pm.  So being a guesser I presumed we would be taking a boat somewhere as we are told to go to a departure point at North Greenwich Pier.

We travelled a very short trip across the thames to Trinity Buoy Wharf. I'd never heard of it. There on the otherside awaits a small makeshift warehouse. Meeted and greeted by a lovely lady and welcomed by juicy Mojito cocktail. YUMMY! These tasted DELICIOUS

The venue is tiny, about 10 tables seating 8 guests, a large bar area, a DJ platform, a camera team and at the otherside of the room a STAGE with a PIANO!

Its been prettily done up, beautiful black table clothes, chandeliers hanging high, tiffany lights on the tables. The room is small but elegant. Lots of people are arriving and filling up the tables. We had our photos taken at the entrance and find a table to sit.

Before words are spoken, waiters  are greeting us with food and lots of it mushroom risotto, luxury fish & chips, mini cheese burgers and chicken satay served with rice.  Thankfully I was in the mood to enjoy and the food tasted good.  We were treated like royalty, the food was flowing and the waiters very attentive. We also had an open bar with wine & beer aplenty.

Soon after we arrived all the table were full but still more people arriving for this occasion, standing space only now.  I was happy I got there early. The atmosphere was buzzing, people talking, singing & dancing.  Sam Young, busting some old skool RnB Black Street, SWV. I personally had had a good old sing song.

Then I became star stark... Mr Jonathan Ross walks from the stage area to the entrance, walking passed me, he gave me a WAVE. Oooh exciting, Wossy is the best presenter in the WORLD #FACT.


There's a little commotion behind me, Paloma Faith is sitting on a platform, almost trying to hide herself, then she disappears.  In person she is petite, ever so glamorous, her hair is twisted and pinned high under one of her trendmark hats.  A little later she returns with additional sitting has been laidout for her.  ME and Niece are dead excited to be here.

My niece goes to get some drinks, she returns over enjoyed, Wretch32 is in the da house, she's too  shy to ask for a photo.  I can relate I couldn't ask Paloma if I could take a few snaps of her, I'm not paparazzi. haha They dont ask do they either!

The night is getting later, Sam young is spinning his tunes and everyone is having an excellent time. The lights are turned down low and the tunes fade out. Wossy enters the stage and cracks a few gags, introduces Alicia's team and family and Alicia herself.  She is wearing slacks, a waist coats, her hair is a side bob, her hair to glossy, she's looks impeccably immaculate before she's even said a word. The room is quite, we are enjoying the banter between her and Wossy.  

He cheekily asks if she's had the pleasure of enjoying the British food, she replies not yet.  He talks about mash, pie and liquor (eel) .  I've lived here all my life and I haven't even eaten liquor.  Well, I think he puts her off going to the chip shop for life now.

#SecretSessions has been put together in every city for every country Alicia is touring, to have their own unique video for each country.  During Alicia's gig, the audience is encouraged to take photos and send them to Alicia.  At the end of the show they flash-up and everyone can see them selves.  I personal believe thats an awesome idea. its a wonderful way to keep the audience feeling part of the event/show.  Alicia really connects to her fans, there no gimmicks, no huge dance routines, Alicia and her backing singers and boy can they belt out some serious notes.              

She takes her seat, grabs her piano by the horns and sings like a dove flying to heaven.

She sings her cover of Princes; HOW COME YOU DONT CALL ME, everyone has melted to mush, all eyes and ears on Alicia. Followed by  TEARS ALWAYS WIN & then she BLEW the roof off with GIRL ON FIRE.  Her voice is a little husky thats her trade mark, every note is sang with passion.   

Wow what an event! If Blackberry make phones like they runned this event! I need to get myself a BLACKBERRY! 

This is not a Sponsored post! My words! 

 If you went I hope you had just as a lovely time as I did!

Livestream Blackberry #secretsession Link 
Alicia Keys 
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